Responsive Pyro

I’ve been playing with my pyro and suddenly it became responsive.
Any suggestions on what to do, I am using Yyn highlights, and I have tried thin lube.
It is snagging a lot, it takes about a small tug to get it up,
Please help :-\

I remembered that DocRobot said that if you buy Hspin yoyos, its responsive. 15 or more throws, the Hspin yoyo will be unresponsive. Same thing to my Axiom, my Axiom was responsive when I open the box, then it became unresponsive after I throw 17 times. So, you will be fine. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

Maybe I didn’t make my self clear (my fualt)
I’ve had this yoyo for a month,

Try cleaning the bearing.

Oh. Hmm…

Happy Throwing! =]

yeah a lot of yoyos come responsive

It’s probably the bearing. My SPEC turned responsive for a while, then went away. :wink:

what is responsive and whats a bearing?

Responsive is when a Yo-Yo can come back to your hand.

We play with un-responsive Yo-Yos, which don’t come up. It requires a trick called a bind, to make it come up.

A bearing is a tool that allows your Yo-Yo to stay down.

ahhh my friend just gave me a yoyo called paul kebel or some mexi dude skyline and it just spins
then you stick you finger in front of you. then you pull up with one hand and down the other.
then mine comes to my hand
where can i learn some tricks

This site has many great tutorials. Look at the top of the page and click on “Learn”.

Back on topic… In my experience, many yoyos can become temporarily responsive, but just keep playing with it and it will become unresponsive again.

I cleaned the bearing with compressed air and lube’d it and the bearing is fine, but I noticed one of the pads is falling off…

Sorry I wrote that,
but, i was on the wrong account, My bro’s :smiley:

And you say you never post on my account!


Replace the pad. It probably lost it’s stickiness and is grabbing the sting when falling out. That’s what happened to my 888.

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