My new hspin icon yoyo has arrived today. When I threw it down I knew somthing was wrong with it. The yo-yo was too responsive! I looked on for an icon review and it sounded like t was quite unreponsive. If you have any suggestions please tell me because I waited 4 weeks for that yoyo to come out!

Did i also mention that i took the response system out and still comes back to my hand without binding. WHAT DO I DO???

break in the bearing

The bearing needs to be broken in. This can take a good amount of time. So, just play it the way it is until it breaks in. Plus, responsive play is fun. :smiley:

Edit:Crap. Ninja’d :stuck_out_tongue:

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break it in. if you are lazy, then just clean the bearing.

Did i also say that I took the silicone pads out and still it plays like it still has them in. I dont know if i should return it

Return em.

I wonder if your bearing is dinged. I dinged a lynn furry bearing while I was taking it out, and after that it just sucked. If it just wont break in you may need a new bearing, but try breaking it in or cleaning it.

yes just like buddy jim sayed the bearing could be dented or the shield could be dented. if the bearing doesnt break in in a day or 2 or evena week get a new bearing or clean it.

i noticed that the shields were missing when in opened the yoyo, but do shields make a difference?

Break it in. Give it at least a week. :slight_smile:

Like we all said, it’s the bearing. Almost every throw needs breaking in for the responce and especially the bearing. Some more than others. Just keep playing with the yoyo and it will become unresponcive. Don’t return it, as that would be like returning a TV because you don’t want to set it up. Just break it in. I know this sounds like I’m beating a dead horse, but a lot of us know what we are talking about. Just keep playing with the yoyo, or clean out the bearing. Those are your 2 options here.