my code 1 turned responsive!!!!

idk what to do
i changed my string yesterday
and i started to play
and my code 1 just turned responsive
no matter what i do
like if ill try a plastic whip or wrist whip so it wil just come back to my hand
(sry for the english)

Unscrew the yoyo reset the bearing get a new string and screw it back together, or if that doesn’t work clean the bearing, theres a link in the useful mods thread stickied at the top of the mods and maintenance board. If that doesn’t work try a new bearing or just throw one in from a different yoyo for a minute to see if that’s the problem if it is still responsive after trying ALL of that just play through it for like a day, and if it is still broken replace the response all i can think of

I agree. The things to check are:
String Tensions (can cause problems sometimes)
Bearing (Probably this, could be over lubed)
Response Pads (Not often, but sometimes these just need to be replaced)

Clean the bearing.

Unresponsive bearings need constant care. And will become responsive over periods of play. Be sure to de-shield your bearing. First if it becomes responsive, Start easy check the bearing seat for debris or small “defects.” Then flick your bearing on a pen, or pencil, Doesbit spin easy, rough, or not at all? If it is either of those it will either need a Pinhead of lube or cleaning. To clean your bearings. Get some 100% Pure Mineral Spirits(What I use) pour some into a small Glass cup bowl ect. just enough to cover the bearing fully. then put your bearing in. Swish it move it around with a toothpick. After about 30-45 mins (time will vary depending on how dirty your bearing is) take it out and put in on a pen, pencil then Spin it dry. After that wipe it off and dry it completely with a paper towel. Then place it in the yoyo and using a PIN dip it in the lube (MAKE SURE IT IS THIN LUBE) and touch a few bearing balls. Then spin and touch spin and touch until it feels smooth again.

After the lubing process the yoyo will be responsive for a little while. Just break it in with play.

You might need to do this once every few months or when it gets responsive again. Responsiveness can also come from the following: Double Rapped string. Fresh pads or silicone.

Hope I helped!! :slight_smile:

are flow groove pads a good responce system

Why are you posting that here? It’s all preference.

Yes. They are the pad closest to flowable. Most yoyos with a C bearing will accept them

it could be how thick your string is this happened with my Di Base and it was just a little thick so it went responsive cause of that.