Adding Bearing sizes

Could you add bearing sizes as part of the specs of each yoyo?

Do you mean like modding it to hold different bearing sizes?

If so, I doubt it, because then it would require an extremely large amount of change in the bearing seat, and it would probably decrease spin time overall.

He means that he wants André to tell us what size bearing the yo-yo uses on its page in the YYE shop.

Yup thats what I mean ;D

ya i agree . people with hspin yoyos have a hard time findind barings. and they should make hspin size kk berings to :wink:

They have:

It says for HSpin and SPYY

They do make hSpin sized KK bearings. It would be the 5x11x5 mm bearing, a “D” size. They’re available in the usual places.

o thanks