im "frantic" about the m1

i was planning on getting a red and blue m1 with birthday money next month but then i saw the frantic and i just about flipped! i do not know anymore :’( i m second guessing my onedrop love :-[ will some one put me at ease on wich one i should buy???


Ok, just had to say that…BUT, I cant say which one becuz I never tried a frantic so i can tell you this, if you want a cheaper yoyo get the M1, if you want a more expensive one and thats normal sized, get the frantic.


Actually, the Frantic has almost identical specs as the M1. The only difference is the Frantic is 35.5 mm wide and the M1 is 35 mm.

A whopping 5 dollars difference.

I tried one at MN states and I am in love with the Frantic. I seemed to like it more than the C22 I tried (But I was scared to play with the C22…) ,the main thing is the shape.

What shape do you like more?

whoops, srry i was lookin at the the hectic… :-[

The frantic is an affordable catch 22 which a freakishly awesome yoyo (saw it threw it once loved it). And the M1 is also a great yoyo it all comes down to specs of each. Which one better fits you.

i dont know what i would like between the two buti know i like the shape of the frantic because of the slanted sides but the response seems like it would be responsive or sumthing so if anyone has any more thoughts go ahead but i might make another thread next month when more people will have the frantic thanks guys

i also like good grinds and thumb grinds is a must >:( thanks share your ideas

oh i also want to know can you put hubstacks on the frantic? that would be so cooooool ;D

Not without the YoYGuy hubstack kit, same with the M1.

Please edit your posts and not post 3 times in a row.

Both have a IRG

Im selling my m1 to get another frantic, the frantic is AMAZING

IRG? also what about their stock bearings?

Correct me if I’m wrong but a Frantic will come with a SPEC and an M1 should come with a 10Ball

“You’re welcome” hahah :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :o 8) :stuck_out_tongue: :-*

Inner ring grind. If you have a Dark Magic, you have this. It is the second place for thumb grinding that is farther in and is flatter.

As for the bearing: as far as I know, unless stated all YYF yoyos use the C size bearing, and this one probable has a SPEC bearing.
Oh and the M1 will have a 10 ball bearing as Filipino_Kid said.

IRGs are Inner Ring Grinds, a thumb gring on the innermost lip. And arw you asking what their stock bearings are on the M1 or Frantic? M1+ 10-Ball, Frantic= SPEC

You posted before me, yes you are correct.

Just wait for the splash Hectic it should drop soon as I have already played with one… :wink:

I think he was looking for either a Frantic or an M1, not a Hectic.

Just putting in a suggestion…

Uhm, Splash Hectics are already available in this site. Just so you know :wink: