Frantic Video Review


Well as i promised many of you i would do a video review of the frantic, here it is!

my first video review so constructive criticism is welcome!

(Johnny T) #2

Nice review!

I totally agree!


Good review. :smiley:


Good review. Convinced me to take a second look at a Frantic before completely ordering a Hectic.

P.S. In a way, you remind me of Jim Sturgess :wink:


Very good review! When you said like an M1, M1’s are a lot heavier than the Frantic. And the shape is nowhere near it. Good review!


He meant in the sense of narrowness, since the M1 is a narrow yo-yo.


Oh, I know. I wasn’t very clear on that. Sorry! :slight_smile:

(SR) #8

Good review!