New Undersized Yo-yo

Hi. I have a few yoyos now, and I am thinking about my next one. I want to try an undersized yoyo, preferably a YYJ. I have tried my friend’s X-convict, and it feels pretty good. Are there any other good undersized yoyos under 50$?

Titanium221 8)

Theres the M1 by One drop. And if you feel like the X-conVict feels good, why not go with it? Also, the Speeder is a little bigger (.04 inches) but it’s also a good yyj choice.

I have seriously thought about the M1, but it is a little more than I want to spend right now… But I haven’t really thought about the speeder… :-\
I already have a DM, is the speeder much different? I want to try something new…
But thanks!

Yes,the Speeder is indeed much different,but with all prices included it would be about $50. I would save up for an m1,about $10-15 more.

Also the Mini-Motu is very undersized :wink:

I know, but I don’t like the look of the mini mo-tu so much… :stuck_out_tongue:

ok then get the mini-motrixx ;D ;D ;D

Another thought is the Hitman.

the hitman is a very good yoyo i just cant put mine down its not the best thumb grinding yoyo but all in all its a awesome choice for a undersized yoyo/review it is a smooth throw with a slight vibe but the vibe dosent throw it off /a very good yoyo

Yes,I got to get one of these.

personaly id go with an xvict.

I would have to say save up and get a M1. It grinds like water running up your arm if it could when your arm is slanted down. Also it’s probably one of the cheapest metals you can find. If you save up to $95 you could try a project 2.

How different does a Hitman feel from a Dark Magic?

First of all, the DM is much bigger and heavier. It uses hybrid response, while the hitman uses doble O-Ring. Trust me, the DM can come responsive, so you may wanna purchase some lube. The hitman will usually always be responsive. The DM also has inner lip rings. I can’t tell you which one to get so ill just let you decide.

Both will come responsive. DM has alot more metal and is much heavier. Hitman is not always responsive, mine is dead unresponsive. To me, DM’s can be responsive even if you clean the bearing.

Btw, lubing your yoyo, even with thin lube, makes it more responsive.

when i got the DM, it was dead unresponsive. I put my KK (cleaned) in and it is still dead unresponsive. so response isn’t real an issue. 8)
is the hitman very smooth compared to a DM?

well i havent tried the dm but the hitman is an awsome undesized yoyo and is really smooth

The mighty flea…

Thats seriously undersized


For me, the Hitman is about as smooth as the DM. Just make sure you get the regular Hitman, not the Hybrid.

However, if I were you I would go for an M1 or an X-ConVict. In my opinion, the M1 is the best value of any yoyo. Some people have yoyos that are over $120 and prefer their M1. The Vict is a great choice because of the awesome weight distribution and feel.

You can see the M1 used here…

It is an amazing yoyo.

The mighty flea! ;D