m1 or dingo

so i am interested in both but i need opinions like are they unresponsive i am still testing for preference

m1-discontinued-its a good yoyo, unresponsive, undersized, good grinds

dingo-REALLY undersized, pocket yoyo, good grinds, smooth

i have both and i say the m1

i used to have both.i would choose the dingo.because its small and fun and you can get really good play out of it! :wink:

but be sure if you get the dingo,beware.put the wrong bearing in and it tilts like the titanic.lol.also,mine came jam-packed with lube,so it was a we bit responsive.so be sure you have the stuff to clean your bearing.but otherwise,its my second favorite,yoyo.aside from my boss.

did you get yours in a trade because if you bought it from onedrop htey ship dry or with a pin drop of lube

nope.i got it from yoyoguy.when i got it,it was tug responsive,and dead silent.

then yoyoguy put the lube in then

thank you capt. obvious.lol ;D.jk

gosh ypu dont have to be mean about it jk

M1. Dingos too small for me. And too… erm… unbutterflyed?? But yeah. M1 fits in any pocket easy.