OneDrop Dingo -

The phone call went kinda like this:
Shawn : Hey Chris, we are retiring the M1
Me: WHAT?!?
Shawn; No worries, we have a new undersized yoyo coming out soon that will have a lower price point.
Me: WHAT!?!?!
Shawn: Yeah, we are looking at a throw in the $50 price range, and a smaller Diameter than the M1. Basically we are shooting for the perfect Pocket yo-yo.
Me: Is it a replacement for the M1?
Shawn: No, the two are coincidental, we need the machine time.
Me: What are you calling it?
Shawn: The Dingo
Me: WHAT?!?!

A few days later, I got to try a prototype for the Dingo at Nationals. It is, indeed, a contender for the perfect pocket yoyo award (Handed out by Danny DeVito I think). A few days later, and I find one in my mailbox. Thanks to OneDrop, here is my review of the Dingo, the funny little player that has more character than it should (Again, like Danny DeVito).
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Chris…I love you, no homo.

Awesome review, I really want to try one of these. They do look fun.

No offense to One Drop, but finally a yoyo that looks totally different. And it’s gewd looking! Can’t wait to try one of these!

Also the shape reminds me of a swirly O.o

Definatley getting one of these!!! ;D


I’m not sure how I feel about this one, so I guess I’ll wait until I can try it. Nice review as always.

Definitely getting this. Can’t wait!

At first I thought it was too small, but I’m getting this.