I saw this on onedropyoyos.com. I kinda wanna get one but idk how good they are. I like yoyos with kind of a wider shape like 888 train wreck x con and that stuff. IF you got any info on the dingo please post.

lol gotta love it, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_vWjeGfnv-1w/SbVBQuIZ_jI/AAAAAAAABPg/DKDs9_0_U8Y/s400/dingo.jpg

You might not like it, because it is TINY>.<
Not as wide as the 888 or TW2 or Xcon. But is an awesome Pocket throw.

Well its only 50$ why not lol. Im gonna get one

At 50 you’re gonna get what you pay for.

Well 50$ for a metal yoyo is a deal no matter wat lol. Im definately gonna pick one up and if i dont like it, i will mod it

Yeah Im thinking about getting one but is it really worth $50?

I looked at quiete a few reviews and it says it plays right up with the m1, and for about 20$ less why not pick one up

I’ve heard that they play amazingly. Look it up on yoyoskills. I’m getting one.