first pocket yoyo

what is a good pocket yoyo i want to try something different so thats why im not adding preferences. ive had the dm,legacy and freehand 2. has to be in the 20-60 price range. thanks.

Dingo at and also a M1 but I think they discontinued them but check at the same website. :slight_smile:

also could you add the pros and cons of the yoyos you suggest

Yes, they did retire the M1 but there are still like 50 flow grooves left at the onedreop site:

If you go a little higher you could get a Campfire, one of my favorite yoyos ever! Tiny compared to a DM. Even smaller is the Flea, but that can get ridiculous…

the pro and the con i`ve heard they are big butidk but the Dingo which is 49 dollars is made to be a pocket yoyo and the M1 fits in your pocket easily but those are the made for the pocket yoyos. :slight_smile: