Can you guys tell me about the Wrath?

Seems like not so many people have one and i think the shape looks really nice. To the people that have one is it comfortable? Similar to a dietz? How is it play wise? Freakin unbelievable like I’ve been hearing? If you can add some input that would be great.

Thanks a bunch

Well, considering the other 50 threads about it and the m10, I think it’s amazing.

I have one but I honestly haven’t had time to play it.

It’s gotten favorable reviews. It’s a shape that generally works for me. I can’t see me not liking this.

I get that your a bust guy and have a bunch of yoyos, but I dont understand how you dont have time to use them! Your on yye right now, it’s not important, if I were you I would take more yoyo time, and less yoyo-posting time.

Comin from the guy who has 1100 posts in 3 months

I do both. Spend time here and spend time throwin’ mah Wrath! :wink:

It’s a fantastic yoyo. One of the best grinding yoyos you’ll find. It’s almost full-sized but it feels somehow compact. It’s obviously not undersized or anything like that, but it just feels like it has no fat on it. :wink: It has great spin time for its size, and the perfect blend of stability and manoeverability. I can barely do a banana turnover, but I can tell that it’s pretty good for horizontal, too.

Very comfortable in the hand and on the catch.

It’s a great yoyo. One of the best I’ve played. Funny thing is, I didn’t even like it “much” when I first got it. Maybe because at the time I got it, I had my heart set on an El Ranchero. But like all my yoyos, I put some time into it, and in the end it has become a yoyo I reach for with great regularity.

If you can get a deal on one or if you like the colour of the few new ones you’ll find, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Yah, I have time to post, think about it broooooooo.

Well, consider this:

I’m on the phone doing various business 6-10 hours a day, while taking care of my kids and deal with idiots ringing my doorbell constantly and distruption work flow.

I can hit up YYE while I’m on the phone. A lot of the things I do are WAN circuit installs and a lot of that time is spent waiting for the carrier tech to do their job. Once that’s taken care of, it’s a matter of “what is the customer using” and then me using remote access to that equipment to configure it so it will work properly on the circuit or doing other tests. Or or can be router configurations, dial-up concentrators, switches, core switches and more. A lot of what I do is also “help desk” type stuff too.

On top of that, I have a stack of gear in need of repair. It’s usually cables with bad solder points that need to be redone. I had some amplifier boards I had to re-cap rather recently. I am working on a video and audio transfer job that consists of 30+ tapes at 2 hours each to transfer and 20+ cassette tapes that have to be captured and then track split and rendered out to MP3s as per customer request.

If that wasn’t enough, I am currently preparing for SacAime, which is a 3 day marathon of sound production, while also preparing for Sac Horror Film Fest. I will have to download 50+ videos for Sac Horror Film Fest, watch and view each of them on the media player(and fix any as necessary) AND prepare lighting design and testing for Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast that will be done during the film festival. I also am in pre-production for a potential event in early November, a recording/sound job at the end of September, and an event in December, followed by SacAime in early January. I am also looking to acquire new gear to help make CalStates and BAC run even smoother, and am also going to be hard-core going after getting the contract to handle production for Nationals.

This is also constantly disrupted by cheap concert promoters who want to waste my time and not pay me yet get great sound. “I’ll give you a percentage of the door”. That usually means “My ticket sales are crap and I’m taking this one in the rear…” I usually say “fine, $5K and I take 40% of the door”. Usually I get the ones who won’t sign a contract or pay a deposit either. Once I start my truck and roll off te driveway, the gig is now “paid in full”. I get 100+ calls a month from promoters trying to screw me over. I always enjoy it when they hire someone else and then complain to me about it. “Hey, not my problem”, I say.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have to spend what little free time I have from 9-5 tying to find new sources of revenue and grow the data/computer side of the business, while at the same time grow the production side of the business.

But wait, there’s more!! I am a partial owner of a beauty and barber college(no, I don’t have any involvement other than the IT stuff and because it’s in my wife’s family), and I’m having to deal with mountains of issues I’m not going to get into here.

So, while I’m currently sitting on hold while the AT&T tech is trying to get authorization to initiate the circuit configurations from a supervisor, I’m logged into a management platform for a single chassis with 240 dial-up ports and 2 router cards. Each ingress card has a T1 access and 24(or 30) modems on it. It’s 24 because we’re using it as a channelized T1 and not an E1, and it’s dial-switched access, not PRI. I’m done configuring the router cards to be load balanced and a two way fail-over redundant configuration script sitting on a nearby tftp server on the same network segment.

All can say is if this tech screws up again, I swear, if I had a car here(my wife has it), I’d drive to his office and beat the crap out of him. I need 10 circuits installed, all he has to do is(literally) copy/paste from the 1 working one(we haven’t gotten that yet) to the other 9. This CAN take as short as 15-30 minutes, and instead, I’ve been at this for 2.5 hours and NO progress has been made and my clients are getting annoyed. However: I didn’t sell the circuit, so it’s technically NOT my problem. We ran simulators on the extended T1 cables to the equipment, so it’s not the cabling. The telco said where to patch in, and in all my years with this client, that has NEVER been an area of a problem, so I’m ruling out that.

I’m also trying to plan a vacation, which is typically to Disneyland. Even so, I plan to make it a “working trip” as I try to hit up audio and lighting companies to discuss business, products and find partnerships that will help me expand my exposure and business. I’m also seeing if this trip can correspond with any yoyo events in SoCal and any potential meet-ups.

My only free time to play a yoyo comes from when I walk my kids to and from school right now, or maybe around 2AM when I am exhausted and caught up on anything I can get caught up on.

I work hard, I play hard. If I want something, I buy it. Do you remember around November of last year(2012)? I got a bunch of yoyos in. I didn’t even touch a box for well over a month. I ensure I secure the items I want so I’ll have them. When or if I get to them is my problem.

So, remind me again where all this free time is to yoyo?

The Wrath, and well, let’s be honest, yoyo in general, is super low on my priorities list. Whatever time I do have, I will typically spend it with a yoyo I am already familiar with. You might not believe this but I have plenty of other yoyos I haven’t played either, including a FLOW.

Maybe I’ll take the Wrath with me to SacAnime. The odds of that are low though as I’m gonna want something familiar with me during this trip since “throw time” will be highly minimized.

Uh… How many WPM do you type at?

It can be up to 110wpm. It’s usually around 85 or so.

Ahh. I’m estimating that at 85 WPM with approximately 950 words (rough estimate), it took you 11-12 minutes to write this, not counting any revisions you made during writing. Couldn’t that time be used to yoyo? If not, just let me know when the novel is published ;).

Hopefully you realize this is all in good fun and I just like to debate. It’s the way I am. I don’t mean any offense in this post :slight_smile:

I was on the phone with a client while an idiot telco switch programmer kept screwing up the T1 provisioning. I mean, I’ve had this client for ages, and this tech has done DOZENS of other circuits for this client configured the same way. Even pointing out circuit ID’s and “dude, just copy this configuration to the port” just was too difficult to handle.

So, no, that time could NOT be used to yoyo.

Yes, I do realize that it’s all in good fun.

It should also be realized that the past couple of months, my motivation to throw has been pretty much non-existent. I’m only throwing at my kid’s school to mostly kill time. I am barely touching yoyos at home. I just lack any interest. I know, you could say “try something else”. I got plenty of “something else”: kendamas, pills, kendama doll, diabolo, spintops, slinky, rubik’s cube, rubik’s snake, foot bags, juggling balls… Not really interested in any of it.

On the positive side, I am VERY focused on live sound production again.

I’m sure I’ll get a call from the Doctor again to kick me in the rear and jump start things again. However, any kick-starts will have to wait until September 2nd. I gotta get through SacAnime first.

Maybe I will bring the Wrath with me. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know what my mood will tell me to pack. I do know my glowing DieNasty and Magic YoYo Sprite D5 will be coming since they glow. I should lug my UV LED Par64 just to get the string to glow a bit. I will also bring my FHZ Pulse since it lights up. I need stuff to use during the EDM event.

I’d have to use the Wrath during more “reasonable” times if I bring it.

I seem to feel like this has turned into a self defense/justification thread and nothing really about the original question at hand.

I wish I could tell you about the wrath, I don’t own one but a few people I respect highly here on the boards have talked extremely highly about it and that would lead me to buy one without prior throwing as these people really enjoy the sport and have a really well rounded collection and knowledge base to support their ideas and conclusions on the wrath and DS.

If you haven’t gotten one, get it! Really nice shape and the colorway that I had was beautiful. Biggest regret was trading it for next to nothing. It plays floaty and fast. Haven’t tried a dietz so I can’t compare the two. It has a very comfortable shape and the finish makes it feel soft.