Werrd IRONY Full Review!

Presenting the Werrd IRONY
Andrew Bergen’s signature yoyo!

The first thing you’ll notice is the bright pink coating that is very attractive and eye catching as well as super slick and pleasant to the touch. The best I can compare the coating is to the Anti-Yo Eetsit/Bapezilla in the way it slides on the skin. The coating seems to be durable enough to resist keys and pocket change, however I was unfortunate enough to hit the yoyo on my belt during the writeup for this review and it left a scratch so the coating is NOT indestructible. :wink:
The Irony has the trademark Werrd spike hub and a very angular and large profile unlike other Werrd yoyos.

The Irony (released at Worlds 2010) comes stock with two silicone pads; pictured is one silicone pad and one k-pad. The Irony has grippy throws and tight snappy binds with a long-spinning large bearing fitted into a bearing seat. This is the same modern bearing seat on most aluminum yoyos. Simple and effective.

When being compared to the Yoyofactory Genesis, it is actually larger in diameter and slightly smaller in width. However, although the Irony has a full-sized shape, it has a very speedy and agile play comparable to an undersized yoyo because of its weight. Because of its angular shape and weight distribution, it seems to cut through the air effortlessly as you play with it. However, the downside is you have to throw it much harder to get a long spin out of it than you would with a heavier yoyo. Although the Irony has excellent low speed stability, I find myself playing with the yoyo at lower rpm’s more often than with other yoyos that are in higher weight classes. This seems to promote combos that are shorter in length unless you feel comfortable with a low spinning yoyo. I find that 30-35 second combos are comfortable, but anything over 45-50 second combos are only attainable with a much stronger throw. This is simply a preference issue if you wish to judge as “good” or “bad”.
The Irony has excellent play for big sweeping tricks and eli hops, as well as horizontal play. My Irony has a slight vibration to the touch but is unnoticeable during play. I was told at the booth at Worlds that the other Irony’s did NOT have this problem and was offered an exchange, but I was content with the yoyo and decided to keep it.
Overall I was VERY impressed with this yoyo and it is my favorite Werrd out of the bunch thus far. I would definitely suggest this yoyo to someone who likes the full-size yoyo shape with the feel of an undersized yoyo.

Nice yoyo man!

Great review!!!

Great review, I would love to have a play of one of those. I love interesting shapes and it sounds like it handles like a dream.