Werrd yoyos

So I decided to look at Werrd and all the yoyos look so good!
I’m probably going to get the Werrd Hour because I love the pure shiny silver colour!

Anyone know and can compare the plays of the Werrd yoyos?

EVERYTHING Werrd makes is great. But a quick warning about the Hour, it’s really quite big, the EightySix-400 is a much more normal size with a similar shape and budget.

If you get exited and want to spend more the Irony JP is… far to good for me to even bother having an opinion on :stuck_out_tongue: the Split Decision is really cool and interesting, and really great.

If you want something small and light the Pacquiao is great, but some people prefer the Minute.

And lastly (from what I’ve played) the Poo is really fun, it’s not the most capable yoyo around but it’s quite light and floaty, really comfortable in hand and LOTS of fun.

maybe if you let us know what is your favourite of the yo-yos you have already we can give you a more definitive direction to look. But if you really want the raw silver Hour buy it, I actually haven’t played it yet, but if it’s half as good as anything else Werrd make you won’t be disappointed, it just may not suit everyone’s taste due to it’s size.

Irony is too expensive for me haha XD

I have the YYF Equilateral which is my primary yoyo. I have yet to open my SPYYs because my sister took them away till end of my exams. LOL
Looking forward to opening them tomorrow though!! DOWN WITH EXAMS!!

And I have played like 5 minutes with my Speedaholic (again due to exams), and I really enjoyed the new feeling of a compromise between stability and floatiness.

From what I see, I have a lot of quite wide and stable throws. I think I like my large organic/h-shaped throws. I do have V-shaped like the YYJ Theory but I don’t like playing them very much. The Hour seems to have almost the same width as the YYJ Theory which is a big turn off for me.
However the large diameter intrigues me a lot xD

Right now, I am interested in the EightySix-400, Hour or the Poo!

The tre is nice its very smooth and versatile the only problem with it for me was the shape i didnt like that too much but its got a decent proce and it plays great

Oh man, Tre is even more like the Theory LOL. Not interested XD

I just mention the size of the Hour because it put me off a little, but if the size is what intrigues you then go for it, and maybe skip the 86400, for now it’s basically the same thing but a more normal size. It’s great but it sounds like the Hour will be more interesting for you.

Also forgot to mention the Poo is quite narrow, which adds to it’s quirkiness.

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Cool! Hehe
Poo or Hour, will decide after I open my SPYY today :smiley:
Probably will be leaning more towards Hour though.