Werrd Hour - any reviews?


I’m not having any luck in finding a review for the Werrd Hour… anyone know of one? Or want to post one?


I don’t own an Hour but I’ve used one enough to say that it is DEFINITELY worth the money.


I have owned a hour for the past 3 days. I got it for $60 at ohio states

This yoyo is light. It wieghs in at 66.7grams but feels lighter on the string. It is a big yoyo but is not too wide. It comes stock with a quieter center trac which I think is a very good choice for this yoyo.
The hour is smooth and can handle pretty much anything. fast play is not a problem. This yoyo is stable.
Very good investment! I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

I need to use it for a little longer to give a full review of it.

It can fit raptor caps in the side!

get it!


Also, every sentence in the description is Completely true

Who made the rule that dead smooth spinning and well designed competition yo-yos have to be expensive?

Built at a 59.90mm diameter and width of 40.80mm the Hour can weave in and out of the string with the stability of a yo-yo you would expect to be much heavier.

While some yo-yo designs in this price range tend to sacrifice design elements or looks the Hour goes all out. Choices were all made based with an extreme focus on play, performance, and appearance. The HOUR is meant to be a killer in the metal yo-yo market and is ready for a challenge.


Thanks Yoyomaverickgt. I’m probably a little biased ;D but I haven’t played anything else except the Hour since Werrlds. I love it. I’m definitely not a great player, but it really feels good to me and I love looking at it, especially when it’s spinning.

We put a LOT of effort into making this yo-yo play the way it does - and it seems to have worked out really well. Hopefully you’ll start to see a bit more feedback about this throw on the forums as more people get one into their hands.

Thank you for the review as well. I’m really glad you love the Hour and we really appreciate the feedback.


There isn’t going to be alot of reviews yet, because it just came out and not alot of people have one…



I have used the HOUR for quite a good time, i have owned it for 3 days now. I am not an expert and i just finished the intermediate level thanks to the HOUR (It helped me to do the double or nothing which took me a long time and caused me depression with the DM 1). It was recommended by Andre when i asked him about a recommendation and he gave the right advice so thanks to him.

I only can compare it to the DM 1, it definitely beat it by far … more spinning time ( 1 Min compared to Barely 30 sec with DM1)… it is more stable than the DM1 but you need to get used to the feeling of the aluminum after the change. I have used it with the original gap width which is 4.45 mm (.17") and with adding two .01mm shims so the width became just like the DM2 4.95mm (.19") and i will stick to the .19 since i felt it played more stable and less prone to errors while hitting the string or touches the hand …

I read somewhere that the response system (silicone pads) are not quite good and it seems to be right ( it does not bind easily unless you allow enough spinning around the string). i have ordered two YYF response pads but did not apply them yet, i want to give a chance for me to i improve my binding skill :slight_smile:

the colors are very nice although i wish i got the blue instead of the red :). The sound is cool due to the bearing used (Central track bearing) I’m not sure if it is 10 or 8 balls but it sounds cool and spins for quit a good time…

I think according the the advice from yoyoexpert that it was the diameter that made it easy for me to get the double or nothing right. and surely it will help in the coming tricks since the 60mm diameter must give more control and stability…

I highly recommend this yo-yo for anyone like me who is learning and want a yo-yo to keep for along time that fits all his levels when he/she develops the skill. Its an investment :slight_smile:


I posted a review http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,49309.0.html

Overall, I’m not a fan. Wish it spun longer.


If I can, I’ll try and put one up this weekend. I have a review copy and took some pics. I like it! Reminds me of a larger Drop Bear without the IGR


Hey Chase ! How ya been Sir ! Have you found that full size throws require a hard throw to get better spin times ??Best J


Oh yeah, I throw pretty hard all the time. I really wanted this yo to be amazing, but I just think its ok. It’s a strange yoyo for sure.


It is indeed. Ill just keep playing with it until I order a replacement, I think i’ll go with the DM2 since it is the widely known one for learners just like me… Unless some be kind enough to give me other suggestions


Hey, sorry to hear you don’t like the Hour. I don’t mean to offend, or come of brash but a DM2 won’t give you longer spin times than the Hour. If you’re unfamiliar with binds or unresponsive play, then indeed the DM2 would be a better choice for you since its design allows for it to take a slim bearing and be played responsive, though this setup would have even more friction, resulting in even shorter spintimes.

Thanks for the kind words! Just want to let you know, the Hour comes stock with CBC Slim Pads, that is, the same white pad that YYF uses in all their yoyos. Maybe try some of their other colors that they market to be more responsive as opposed to the white ones, as those are the same pads already in it.


How is the finish on the hour? It’d be a nice touch if it could grind…


Has a great surface for grinding. Not sure if it was blasted or not, but it did have a very smooth finish to grind with. Grinding however slows this guy down quick and you have to bind very shortly after.


We used a soda blasted finish on the HOUR. It’s one of the best grind finishes you can get (if not the best finish for grinding).