werrd hour vs Dv888


I just wanted to know which is better because im gonna buy one of the yoyos I listed.


Werrd hour. Done. Thread deleted.



(Owen) #5


It doesn’t matter there’s always people to trade with and ebay =3




The Hour looks like a MagicYoYo. Do Not Want.


Werrd Hour. 7075 aluminium, full sized, amazing.


(M.DeV1) #11



LOL. Hour.



It looks nothing like a magicyoyo O_O How does it look like a magicYoYo?
Please elaborate.

The hour is precision machined in Australia and we have an extensive quality check along with very high standards for models that get to the public’s hands.

I’d defiantly say an hour though.


Werrd Hour. You won’t be disappointed, it has everything you need in a yoyo.



Can you tell which one is the Hour?

Now don’t get upset here, I’m not dissing the Hour. Just saying that it doesn’t necessarily have the most striking looks…


The middle one! :o

I win.


Good job; unfortunately, I don’t have any cookies with me. Here’s a Caramel Macchiato PSG instead:






So any yoyo that uses a silver splash instantly looks like a magicYoYo. That’s not really a fair observation… Plus magicyoyo anodizes their yoyos right off the machine where as the hour has a finished surface.

MagicYoYos are made out of Low quality aluminum (5 series)
The hour is made out of Aerospace grade (7071)

Just because they’re a solid color with a silver splash doesn’t mean they’re the same thing.