Werrd Hour – review

I picked up one of these guys recently and have to say that I initially was so excited due to the features that it has. 7075 aluminum and 60 diameter looks so promising.

On first throw this yoyo felt great. It was nimble and stable, it felt good in the hand and binds were tight. However, after an hour of play I started playing my other throws and noticed something very surprising. I went back to the hour and felt huge issues with sleep time.

The sleep time on this yoyo is very short! I have to bind up after maybe 10-20 seconds of comboing. I tried kk’s, CBC, spec and airg bearings and nothing helped. I even did a few timed sleeps with my best Kk and couldn’t get it to spin longer than 2:30 minutes. I didn’t really feel like filming for proof but I’d welcome someone to prove me wrong. My Kk wasn’t dry, it was lubed a while back, but still spins for way longer in other yoyos.

I’m suspicious about this yoyos design. I feel like rim weight is lacking and it’s heavily center weighted. There are grooves cut on the outer rims where fhz caps can fit, I would have rather they kept the aluminum in that area there for the added rim weight it would have retained.

Maybe it’s just the way Werrd wanted it, it does regen well and play smooth, but its not a great yoyo for long combos is my conclusion. I’ve owned a TFL in the past and was super excited for this model, but sadly I’ve already traded it off. This yo may be great for 3A due to price, it was YouTube 3A players that got me pumped on this model.

I welcome any feedback or suggestions for people who do own this model. And I’d like to hear if anyone is experiencing or noticing the same issue. I didn’t try fhz caps, so I don’t know if that helps or not.


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We really appreciate the review and I’m not sure why you’re not getting spin times on the HOUR. We are so sure about how well the HOUR performs that we are backing it to the hilt. We’re offering a Bounty you can pick up if you win using it.

Check it out the details here: http://werrdalliance.tumblr.com/post/31913265160/introducing-the-2012-werrd-bounty-featuring-the-hour

Also, for anyone who’s still unsure about just how good the HOUR is. Here’s a taste:

Also, here’s Vu Ho just now in one take putting the HOUR through its paces:

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I have to agree with Andrew on this one. I can easily get >1 minute combos on my hour. I’m not too sure why you’re not getting as much spin time as you’d like on it.

It could possibly be that the hour only has a ~4.45mm gap and you’re used to yoyos with larger gaps or use thicker string that rubs up on the response more?

The sleep time if fine for me! I just did my whole entire freestyle in one throw with it actually… :slight_smile:

I use Hours all of the time for competing. They spin for a really long time, and they can handle anything at throw at it. Hours can handle horizontals really well too. Hours are also one of the most stable yoyos I’ve used, and that’s what they’re focused on.

In fact my problem as you are aware were not with the spin time, but watching the videos especially the first one, the sound of the yoyo is different than what i have, louder in fact. this made me wonder does the bearing come lubed and we need to wait for it to break?

In regard with the rotation thing, this might be normal as you said, but i’ve seen videos for yoyos in the sleep mode with totally zero rotation. but if it is normal with most of yoyos probably in the average price tag of $60 it means that it is usable without big effect. i suppose that playing with it doing tricks should cancel the thing.

I ordered the Red one, now with play a blue color has started to show up…this is not much of a concern to me since it is red while spinning ;D

Thank you for your concern after all and for the videos. I will give it a second shot with enough time to adjust.

No the bearings do not come lubed, they come dry, like all other hours, the hour is suppose to be ready for competing onces out of the box, you dont need to break it in at all, mine plays abit loud, it just doesnt sound loud because my video was recorded far away from the yoyo.

As for the rotation, if you watch sleeper videos, there is actually a certain technique people do with twisting the string to keep the yoyo still and not rotate, thats why many sleeper contest videos, people hold the yoyo string as close as they can to the yoyo.

The average price tag? what are you trying to say, because its 60 bucks it doesnt play like a yoyo thats more expensive? it plays better than alot of yoyos over 90-100.
Werrd designed this to be cheap but a killer in the metal market with the price tag, they worked very hard to get this yoyo in that price range, they could have easily priced it higher and people would still be happy to buy it, i know i would.

Just give it some time and give your skills abit of time too, as stated i think it was you who said that you were still new to yoyoing?
Its a Good yoyo.


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I also had no issues with the spin times and have enjoyed the Hour .Since Werrd did their midnight release in Orlando. The Hour just keeps getting better for me … Werrd you show class responding to issues of the community and you deserve props for that .A stand up Company that stands behind their throws. Not much more you can ask than that my Ausie friends. Best James

I have tried 4 different Hours and they all perform GREAT. such a good yoyo. I prefer a trifecta in mine because It’s quieter but the stock CT isn’t bad

a second opinion after a while is that
Werrd HOUR + trifecta bearing = a very well balanced yoyo that spins forever. straight throughs are much easier string is dead centered . the central track bearing is not performing well with the yoyo . if not the trifecta then KK I believe would be much better . Central bearing are not really a concave !

the yoyo now feels solid . I highly recommend any owner of the hour to get this bearing with no regret. it would be a great idea for Werrd to consider it as a stock bearing!!

what I still can’t adjust well to is the .17 gap size. it requires lots of accuracy.

Any one would recommend what strings goes well with it? and what are the thinnest strings out there.
I prefer 50 50.

afterall I’m happy with it now and feel no regret at all.

My hour is AMAZING!!! I can never really get long spin time off any throws (maybe about 45-50 seconds) but I can get my full spin time out of it.

Wow, that is a very generous promo right there…

Should be getting my Hour in the mail today, gonna put some Duncan caps in it straight away as i got to try Skip’s capped hour at the recent Sydney comp and loved it. Can’t wait

I just recently got a good deal on this yoyo I cannot wait for it to come I will post my review once unboxed but everything I read about this yoyo is very good and the guy in YoyoChat room just laughed at me…

I’m fairly certain it’s a bearing issue. Either that or using too thick a string.

Try cleaning your best bearing with a proper solvent, spin it dry, do not lube it, then put it on the Hour and see if your sleep time improves. If not…I still think it’s a bearing issue. Some yoyos work better with certain bearings than others. Since the yoyo initially had good sleep times and then suddenly didn’t, this pattern implies it’s the bearing. It happens to me a lot even with $200 yoyos that were sleeping 8 minutes and then suddenly they’ll barely do 1. Just means I have to clean the bearing.

And you get better sleep times with DRY bearings. Some of the ones you listed are kind of low end. Try a good ceramic or a NSK gold or YYF Gold Centertrac or similar.

Another possibility. The Hour has 60mm diameter and 41mm width, giving it a diameter:width ratio of about 1.46 which is very high. Most yoyos are more like 1.2 - 1.3. I’m guessing if you’re not used to this kind of yoyo your throw may need adjustment.

I don’t have this yoyo but Werrd makes fantastic throws. It would be truly bizarre if the Hour is really that bad. I’d wager money it’s a maintenance issue (bearing or string) or a throw issue.

EDIT: Just realize this thread is crazy old. Will5234, don’t revive threads that are 1.5 years old please. It causes people like me who don’t check the post date to think it’s still relevant, but I’m sure the OP has either solved the issue by now or given up with the yoyo.

Yup! All solved. It was a bearing maintenance issue as you noted. Also, while this is a necro thread, the Werrd Bounty is still very much alive and applies to HOURs (including the OG HOUR from this old thread and the 2013 HOUR), Minutes and 86400s.