Alrighty then

How long can you make a dna spin for? I know this sounds lazy but i’ve looked at almost every review i couldn’t find one that awsered this question.

It depends on your throw. Really.

Spin time really just depends on your throw.
I have a really bad throw so I wont get it far.

I believe yoyomac means compared to other yoyos.

Rim weight also helps it.

Pros can get it up to like 10 minutes if they really try right? Isnt the world record like 16-20 minutes? i can get my 888 going for 2 minutes until i have to bind it up.

Depends on your throw, everyone’s throw is different. I can get my dv888 to spin for only 2:36. I can get my 888 to spin for only 2:17. I have a really bad throw, but it is straight at least.

DNA is a big, rim weighted yo-yo, enabling longer spins. The exact spin time: That is your throw.

I can get an extremely rim weighted yo-yo (Such as Frantic) to spin longer than a regular rim weighted yo-yo, such as the 888.

3 seconds.

The statement I’m about to make should be stickied!!!


Not true, some people would like it to spin longer. Think about how higher of a combo you can get with a better yo? I mean right now there not very different and I could care less about spin time, but if someone came up with this all powerful non-expensive yo that could spin for days, everyone would buy it. I mean I would love a yo that would spin longer because then you get longer tricks and different tricks because you can stay on more strings for a longer time. Do I make any sense or am I just rambling on?

No Icthus does have a point. Unless you are pro, it would make sense that your making a combo that needs a spin time longer than usual. But of course if you’re pro, you don’t need a better throw. Meaning in the long run, everything comes down to throw. Plain and simple. :slight_smile:

Icthus is correct,
I want to add

It will sleep longer than you probably need it to.
This really is the worst kind of question, it is like asking someone how many breaths there mouth can make…

LOL guys im not disagreeing with him i meant having a yoyo that can spin longer is a want i mean who wouldnt want a yoyo that could spin longer im sure pros would love them, then you dont have to bind during meets and you can fit more tricks in, its not about needing one. Also yes in the end it does come down to throw and not yoyo but yoyo can increase spin time.

yoyplayer has a point, if you throw a fixed axle yo compared to any yo with a bearing, you are gonna want the one with the bearing for the sleep time. Its not necessary but most people want it to not only show it off, hey look how long it can sleep for… but it can, as yoyoplayer said, unlock more combos and crazier tricks. But i strongly agree with icthus, throw is the key.

Yes different yoyos have different sleep times. If you want to do actual tricks, sleep time doesn’t matter. If you want to throw sleepers, get something like a Buddha Kind 2 or a Mega SpinFaKtor.

Thank you, you understand me. I don’t disagree with Icthus either, throw is the key. I just wanted to point out its not the only key just the key to the first lock, did that make any sense?

But we are talking about ball bearing yoyos, with a good throw will spin longer then you need it to.

Yes but if they came out with say a frictionless bearing that was air and no balls wouldn’t you want it? I mean to say its not a need but a want everybody wants a faster yo, or at least I do

Have they come out with it? No, so, Icthus is still right.