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Yes Samad Icthus does have a point that spin time is weighed on throw but it also has a lot of weight on bearing and the better bearing you have, the higher maximum spin time is reached. Also yes, an air pressure frictionless (near to frictionless) bearing has been invented and sadly are not used in yoyos, yet.

Basically, air bearings use a thin film of pressurized air to support a load, the same way the puck on an air hockey table “floats” on air. This type of bearing is called a “fluid film” bearing. Fluid film bearings have no solid-to-solid contact under typical running conditions; instead, a film of lubricating fluid (in our case pressurized air) forms a layer between the solid machine elements and serves to transfer forces from one to the other. To compare this with ball bearings, in ball bearings the balls are in constant contact with and form a solid bridge between the machine elements.

Also, I don’t know why were still disputing this topic because we kind of agree on the same opinion…

OMG… Thats sick! Man someone would make a KILLING if they implemented that into yoyos! You think you’re throws are smooth now, just imagine it with an air bearing!  :o :o :o I’d buy that for sure!

Yes, but we DON’T have those bearings. And you went COMPLETELY off topic. We are saying with a good throw and a good ball bearing yoyo, you can achieve the tricks you want.

Liquid wheel bearings and “air” wheel bearings aren’t used in yo-yos for a very good reason.  At low speeds, their performance -quite frankly- sucks.  While there is less friction in fluid and gas bearings, they just don’t perform in low speed situations.

They are used in very high RPM applications because the centrifugal force of the rapid spin keeps the medium (gas or liquid, whatever the case may be) uniform throughout the race of the bearing.  Without this high speed, the medium is no longer completely uniform.

This causes stability issues that degrade the bearing’s ability to reduce friction (which is, of course, the point).

Ball bearings are used for low speed applications because they hold their shape.  For yo-yos this is ideal because the speeds we deal with are very very low.

As far as Icthus’ statements goes, he means that anyone who asks this question has a yo-yo that will sleep more than long enough for them.  While it is true that competitors benefit from longer spin times by being able to rack up more points in a competition with longer combos, they are probably the last person who would really ask this question.  I think both sides understand eachother.

I don’t disagree i just was pointing that out.

I think you guys are crawling shirtless into a mudpit (whatever that means). There should be no reason to ask how long a high-end ball bearing metal yoyo worth 120 dollars sleep. This has absolutely nothing to do with fluid bearings or fixed axle. This has something to do with the DNA, which happens to be a high-end ball bearing metal yoyo worth 120 dollars.

Yes Yoyo Player, sleep times does depends on the yoyo as well, but the difference isn’t big enough for anyone to care about the spin time of high-end metals. And the difference is WAY too small to start silly discussions like this.

Addment: I think the sleep times we have with modern yoyos now are great. If we upgrade too much too fast, we will end up sacrificing play for sleep time.

amen, brother. now we need to lock this thread. ;D


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