Dark Magic spin time

Hey guys, just a little curious. For those of you who have DM’s, how long can you get it spinning for?


Around 5:00.

Those are some insane spin times 0_o Have you guys always done those or have you built up to doing them from lower spin times?


4:30 here.

just tried it… got 4:53

Practice. That’s all it is.

I don’t have one anymore but I could get around 3:00.

I don’t want to time. I get bored when timing yoyos.


Happy Throwing! =]


If you want the potentially longest spinning yoyo out there, get a Buddha King 2 or a Mega Spinfaktor.

My bearing is a bit messed up, so I know I can get more, but 4:26.

These times are really good :wink:

So, would someone with as low as a spin time with the DM (50 seconds) like me eventually build up to something like 5 minutes with enough experience?

You’ll eventually have a good throw, then your DM can spin for really long.

Amen. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont have a dm but i got my speedmaker for 10:42 and my 888 for 7:19
so really is metal better??? ???

I kinda want to see a video of this 10:42 sleeper on that speedmaker.

6:04 my best score weth DM ;D

You’re bearing is probably better in your Speedmaker. Also, because the 888 has a wider gap, it was probably touching the walls more.

But I don’t believe you. So vids or it didn’t happen.

I don’t mean to be a thorn on your sides guys, but my mind is still hovering over this question. Will I ever get to high spin times (Over 5 minutes) by just practicing my yoyo tricks and eventually I’ll get there and higher? I mean, I can only get it to spin for 45 seconds and then that’s it, so from 45 seconds to something high is kind of hard for my mind to fathom by just practicing… Stories of when you guys had low times plz? :-\