The New Breed

Ok, so I just got a New Breed (thank you all who helped me with that decision) and was wondering, how long can you get it to spin for?
I can just get it to around a minute. Not the greatest in the world… :-\

Up to 4 minutes. I don’t usually clock spin time, and it doesn’t really matter. Once you break it in it will be much longer.

Fisrt of all will the yoyo spin long enough for you to get done with your hardest trick? Also some people throw a lot harder than others. LIke me for example, I’m 37 and have a fairly big arm. I can guarantee you that my throw with your yoyo will last a lot longer than your throw. All you need is more practice. I know that sounds like more mumbo jumbo but its the truth. Give it time and let youself gain muscle memory and you’ll be throwing 4 minute sleepers with that same yoyo in no time!

Same for me about 3:57 sec almost 4 miniutes.

8 minetes 37 seconds

A while…

Maybe 8 minutes? Haven’t timed my spin in a while, last time I got a 7:30 on a Black Knight.

i’ve never timed a yoyo spin but i bet i could get 4 or so with my dm and a kk. and around 7 or so with my bully and a kk. but as i said i never clock the spin cause i always get to like 3 or so and i say to myself “how much practice on my tricks i could get in this time?” then i bind it and start doing real yoyo work

Not to sound harsh :X
but I know I have to practice to get my spin time up, I was just curious to see how well others were at it.

EDIT: and yes, the yoyo does spin long enough to get my hardest trick. I just started doing the advance stuff. So the tricks aren’t too complicated yet.

Well you just keep on truckin buddy. That spin time will get there quicker than you think.

Haha, I hope so. How long did it take for you to get a good spin time?

Well considering I’m considerably older than you it probably took me a lot longer than it will take you. Sometimes it takes months. Some people can get it in a week, some just have the natural ability.

Ah, that makes sense. I dont know, its my first REAL yoyo (i had a FAST 201 before) so it still has a strange feel and the longer spin times took a little bit of getting used to.

EDIT: well, metal rimmed yoyo that is unresponsive really. the FAST was really good actually.

I like the fast also