Does anyone have any experience with the Top Yo Neptune?

I might get this yoyo, anyone input?


played with it for about 15 mins when i visitided my cousins in atlanta. plays very smooth the sleep time i got on it was 3 min

well i have a accelerator with 4 min spin time till it stoppes compleatly (with a terrapin x). I know it depends on the person, but were u saying it spun for 3 min then died or spun for 3 min then u binded it back. Or is 3 min just like an assumption? Just wondering what it was like. Thanks

3 mins before bind using stock bearing

What spin time one person got is a REALLY bad estimation of how good a yoyo is for YOU. Different people having different methods of throwing the yoyo, which means everyone has different amounts of power in their throw. Additionally, there are methods you can use (like the string-twist method) to make a yoyo sleep longer.