What's Your Best Sleep Time?

Make sure to say what yoyo you used and what bearing. It’s all in good fun, so be honest :slight_smile:

9:13 w/ YYF Supernova & Crucial Grooved bearing

My best sleep time is usually in the morning, say 7:00 to 8:00.
Other than that as far as yoyos go, I got bored after 30 seconds and moved on…


Never really bothered to test it. I only care about playable time during combos


Code 2
Twisted Trifecta

Long enough to do tricks.

2:20 skyline stock bearing :slight_smile:

14:34 minutes with terrapin treated centertrack bearing on my Asteroid

I cant get much sleep beyond 2 minutes with my Arctic Circle with a 10 ball bearing.

Is it that I am not throwing it hard enough or what? Over 3 minutes seems nearly impossible to me…Like I’m afraid I’ll break the string from throwing it so hard haha.

As long as you complete the set of tricks you intended to on that throw, you’re perfectly fine. And it doesn’t really matter anyways.

If not, it’s probably most likely your throw. Don’t be afraid to throw hard, but check your throw, and make sure youre throwing correctly, and straight.
Also could be that youre using a flat bearing. Flat bearings allow the string to touch the side of the yoyo resulting in loss of spin time. Something you could do is get a grooved bearing that isn’t flat like a KK, or I would reccomend a center trac.

Just timed myself and I can’t get past the 3:00 mark with a protostar + new trifecta bearing.

How do you guys get such incredible spin times? Is there some secret to it or are the bearings just broken in? ???

Like I said, it’s all in the throw.

Don’t be afraid to throw hard. :wink:

I’ve never really ever timed my throw.

I can remember doing it once, when I just started yoyoing with my Metal Drifter. I think I got around 1:30.

I don’t have the attention span to wait to measure my spin time - I’d much rather be doing tricks anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

8 hours. I love my sleep time.


4 minutes with a cleaned, slightly lubed, stock bearing of a Duncan Echo.

So you just stood there for 15 watching a yoyo spin?

I hope you didn’t do it in public.

I’ve tried to time myself before, but after about 4 mins, I got tired of wasting spin and started doing tricks.

6:57 YYF Skyline (1st Run) Dorthey Bearing.

I have kids and work in entertainment. Sleep time no longer exists around here!

I honestly have better things to do than time how long I can sleep a yoyo. I find it more useful to flick bearings as I move from cleaning process to cleaning process so I an determine if I’m making improvements to spin time as well as ensuring I’m removing stuff from the bearings I don’t want in there.

A clean, new Trifecta bearing spun for 29 seconds. I’m anxious to Terrapin X Dry Play treat it to see what I get from that. I’ve also been taking grease-packed Duncan bearings and going from pretty much no spin to up to 24 seconds of spin.