Personal Sleep Time Record


What’s your personal record?


I have honestly never had enough time to record my own sleep time. I’m just that good. :wink: Haha, just kidding, but in all honesty, I see no point in timing how long your yoyo sleeps. If I can get through a trick with my throw, then I think I’m alright!

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I sleep best between 11pm and 5 am and whenever I have to sit in a meeting. Those are the best times for me to catch up on my sleep. I tried timing a sleeper once but it was so exciting I fell asleep.


When we were prototyping the puffin2 I did a sleep time test to check what it was capable of.
I got 7:44 minutes which I consider quite a lot for a yoyo that plays so quick.
I tried it again when I got the annod 1st run and got over 8minutes, I think it was around 8:20?


About 8 and a half minutes. I imagine I could hit 9 if I tried but it gets boring pretty fast. I just do sleep tests to check out bearings mostly, one or two tests per bearing and I move on.

I think I hit 8 and a half on an Ares Star with the YYF Gold Centertrac. The last four minutes of sleeping were very lower rpm but it just kept rotating as long as I tweaked the string.


I am so sleepy right now that I read this post and actually thought this must be what the OP’s question was meant to be about. Palli’s response seemed very bizarre and alien to me!


A little over 6 minutes with my Wasabi 09, outspins my Cliff, Chiefs, Cascade, Summit, Burnside (with those throws I average 4-5 minutes). Granted I am not super serious about it and use the string to straighten out a bad throw which equals a bit of lost sleep time. But seriously I think my Wasabi 09 is my favorite throw! I got it mint for $50 too! =)


Hahaha, I made exactly the same mistake. I was thinking “well, this one time when I was jetlagged after a week in spain…” XD

On that note, about 18-19 hours or so. I try to get about 10 hours a night.

Yoyo wise, never tried. :stuck_out_tongue:



YYR 2009 Clash roxx


I’ve hit 7+ mins on a stock FHZ, stock bearing, using the pinch and twist technique.


I don’t have the time or the patience to sit there and watch a yoyo spin while occasionally tweaking the string.



I’m not sure, I kinda forget, but at least 6 minutes and that’s on a classic so i’m not sure what i could do.


Last time I tried was about 10 years ago. I did about 4.5 minutes. I might be interested to try just to see if I got any better at “basics” since then. haha.


Yeah it is pretty boring :wink:

I just do it once or twice to check a bearing’s spin potential and even that takes forever.

I can’t imagine those poors sots trying to break the world sleep record throwing a 220 gram BTH over and over trying to get past 30 minutes.

I remember when the sleep record was like 2 minutes, lol.


As long as my arm can stay holding the yo-yo in one spot. :slight_smile:


I sleep from 8pm to 9am.


Probably 16 hours… I generally get 6-7 hours a sleep a day, probably should be getting some more haha


6 minutes on a Classic?! I only get like 2 or 2 1/2 minutes on my YYF Genesis and YYO Hatchet, but I still seem to be able to do some pretty long tricks and combos. Strange…




It depends on the bearing. If you put in a NSK Gold or NSK Plat, or maybe a YYF Gold Center Trac into the Genesis and learn basic string tweaking techs you should be able to break 7 minutes easily, possibly more.