Spin Time

What was the longest spin time you’ve ever had and what yoyo was it on?

Something like 9 minutes on my Octave 1. Could’ve been longer if I had a stronger throw :smiley:

Somewhere around 6:15 on a One Drop Y-Factor. I could probably get more on my 86400 or Horizon though.

I think I got 8 minutes on my Torque.

I got 13 minutes on my Prestige

Wow those are some crazy long sleep times! I just got back into this after not throwing since the late 90’s. Back then a minute was pretty much record breaking :slight_smile:

9:40 on my 2013 superstar, but honestly its kinda pointless, since about halfway through the yoyo isn’t really spinning at a playable rate…

Slightly below 13 minutes on a modded YYA 1937

I got about 30 seconds on my zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Fell asleep and decided watching a sleeper made me to sleepy so I’d rather do something more exciting. So yeah, 30 seconds. I’m actually surprised I made it that long. To each their own. :wink:

6-13 minutes? Kudos for being able to stare at a yoyo that’s just hanging there for that long. How many energy drinks does that require? :smiley:


Every time I attempt this I get bored at around 30 seconds and start throwing tricks again.

One, just one.

9 minutes on my Shipwreck with a CTX and 10 minutes on my Octave 1

Ares Stars 10:41
Equilibrium 10:36
Magnum 10:25.
I used KK bearings in all of them.

The Cold Fusion held the record back then I believe for like 7:08. ;D

I have gone for about 2 minutes while constantly doing tricks but was unable to get it back to my hand when I was done. I have never yet done one where I just let the yoyo sleep.

Haha nice. Just to confirm, these times are all accomplished by carefully adjusting the string during the sleep time right? I got over 4 minutes with my protostar tonight by constantly turning the string when the yoyo started to tilt.

all i know is i got the 10 second sleeper that tom kuhn said i needed to be a yoyo gangster.

Here is a link>

Yes indeed… People were doin over a minute back then, lol

I know Kate did 8 because I was one of the guys that timed her sleeper.  The longest 8 minutes and 21 seconds of my life.


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I think I’ve only ever bothered to time my sleepers two or three times throughout the years, and my results have never been even remotely impressive; like two or three minutes, maybe four. Not only do I clearly not understand the proper technique, I don’t understand how you guys have the patience.

I mean, I’m a patient person, generally speaking, but when I have a spinning yoyo dangling from a string, every fiber in my body just wants to gogogoggoogogoogo. Plus, there’s something heartbreaking about watching a yoyo spin out and die; I feel like it’s begging me to do a bind.