which yoyo sleeps the longest.

Sleep times depend all on your throw. It is different for every person. Please do not post these kind of topics here.

Not necessarily true

Mosquitos and yoyos alike physically can’t be slept long enough to do some of my tricks

Why is this a poll? There was no need for it. However, in doing so, you answered your own question.

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Such anger!
Despite his anger, he is correct. There is no single yo-yo that sleeps the longest. Give a pro a Mosquito, and they can get a 6 minute sleeper out of it. You should concentrate on working on your throw - most ball-bearing yo-yos can be used to do most tricks with practice.

If you want an unresponsive yo-yo, learn to bind.

Yes, why is there a poll? It doesn’t make sense anyways…

look at this misqutio no modds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZjeG8Wzvlw

I highly doubt that all pros have AMAZING throws. Most of us probably can get better sleep times then some pros. They are professionals because of their tricks, not because of how long they can get their yoyos to sleep.

And that Mosquito WAS modded.

Right but you need to consider the impact of having strings in the gap and how much the movement of the yoyo in your tricks decreases the spin time

o whoops

sorry if if this was a bad post i’m kind of new to yo-yo.

If I’m not wrong, the longest timed sleep time is 16 minutes and 17 seconds on a Mega Spinfaktor. This record as set back in 2005, so this might not be the current record, but I think it is.

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Pheenix is right. If you want a yoyo that spins really long, get a mega spinfaktor, or a HG rimmed YYJ.

Buddha Kings (1 and 2) should give really really good sleepers.