sleeper time. need opinions please

ok so i consider myself pretty adept with a yoyo. i haven’t met a trick i can’t master with some practice. i’ve even mastered the ever difficult boingy boing. however, when i hear people talk about yoyos and how long they sleep for, i get confused. some people say yoyos only sleep for about 2 min tops yet others say they can get a yoyo to sleep for 5 min easy. even terrapin says that their ceramic bearing (which i have) will sleep for 3.5 min just from rolling off your hand. i dont know if the bearing i got is defective but it definitely does not sleep for 3.5 min even on my hardest throws. i feel like i have a good throw. when i bind too early it hurts my hand like hell. but my yoyos only sleep for 2 min tops. i have a dv888, a godtricks bounty hunter, a yoyo factory chaotic, a spyy ronin and a yoyofactory proton. (as of now the proton sleeps the longest even though my terrapin is on my ronin) i’ve never had a problem completing any trick (although i haven’t gotten to any really long tricks yet) but i want to maximize my sleep time A: because I’m a perfectionist B: because i want to be ready for the long tricks. can someone let me know whats going on? am i just not throwing properly or is 2 min the average for everyone?

The key to long sleepers is the string twist method.

@ Elephark - please make a tutorial of your snap start. That’s just crazy. I can’t get nearly that much spin. :slight_smile:

Don’t intend to derail so…

If its just a long sleeper you are looking for Elephark’s tutorial says it all. If you mean how long your yo-yo sleeps while doing tricks that’s different.

If you can do your combos then what difference does super long sleep time make?

Well some yoyos sleep longer than others, some can do 5+ minutes, some cant so 30 seconds…

its all about technique like with my worn out pads on my yomega Hyperwarp Heavywing on a good throw can get almost 3minutes and a bad throw with a sleeping monster like my Cliff or Majesty v2 maybe a minute and a half