Hey peeps,
I have a question about the most basic trick, the Sleeper. How do you get a long one? I have many unresponsive yoyos:
Yomega Ooch Yo
Yomega Maverick
YoYoTricks Sage
Yoyofactory Velocity
Yoyofactory Replay Pro
Yoyofactory Replay METAL
And no matter which of these I use, I can’t get a sleep over 2 minutes and 30 seconds. My best sleep time is 2 minutes 10 seconds with the Replay Pro. I got this question because I saw a video of an online friend of mine, his name is Parvar, he is on the forums. He was sitting on a chair and used a Yoyojam Classic which is a $10 yoyo and got a 6 minute long sleeper. I can’t even do that with a $50 yoyo! Could anyone please tell me how to get good and long sleeps like Parvar’s?

I’m no expert on getting great sleepers but I believe that practice makes perfect so as you try to do longer combos and throw straighter, etc, your sleeper/break away should get better and better :slight_smile:

Easy, parvar cheated. Lol just kidding. No but really, I think it comes down to the yoyo you use along with the type of bearing you put in it. But I could be wrong.

I pull 5 min sleepers on an orca with the lousiest, most crooked, weakest throws ever ;D. I use really long string, try that. Like full length toxic base string should do it for you. If you actually throw hard, you should be able to do 7 or 8 minute sleepers with your replay metal. If you like long string, you’ll probably end up throwing weak too eventually. It minimizes the need for snapping your wrist out.