longest sleeper you have ever thrown

what is the longest time one a yoyo that you have thrown i just got mine at 2min .07milasecionds
on my legacy with a concave bearing

2 and a half minute on a snap start on my 5Star.

change topic to how was long was ur best sleeper ;D



I speek the TRUTH!

now it makes sense ;D mine is super star for like around 8 and a half mins i believe

3mins with my speeder :slight_smile:

ok, i believe you.
what kind of snap start did you do?
i tried it on my genesis, and its hardly spin for 1 minute.

my longest sleeper was about 14 minute with my genesis. aided with a kk.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how long you can throw a sleeper, just as long as you get the trick done. also I don’t beleive you guys so vid or it didnt happen :P.

I get too bored while timing it.

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i used my hub stacks to get it that far though to straighten it out when its tilting

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I guess it’s good to practice strong throw.
And yeah, i dont have a vid, i maybe going to make it next time.
14 minyte of spining yoyo, lol.

Besides, i guess its fun to do a little bit sleeper contest between friends.

No wonder. Anyways last time I recorded I got 5 minutes and 30 seconds with my boss, no hubstacks, while on a trapeze.

I throw a 15min 20 seconds… on my c13 with a ceramic kk in it on friday for kicks. I told some one at work that a yoyo could sleep for over 10 minutes… and they bet me 20 bucks it couldn’t. There’s 20 bucks going into the yoyo fund. ** grins

4 minutes 22 seconds with my DM
Everything stock except the string, it was on I think the 5th throw out of the box.

Whoa… Is it me… Or is there something? I spun my DM for only 1 minute D:

I tried going longer than 3 minutes, but it’s just so pathetically boring.

I usually try long sleepers once every three months, I’ve only tried this 4 times.

I’ll probably never try this again unless I design a yoyo to break the record.

12:38 on dna…only throwing for about 6months