longer sleeper

i have justed timed my sleeper and i am spinning about 40 seconds. i have a dm and a legacy and both are about the same. it wasn’t the straightest sleeper i could through but it was decent. is 40 seconds about average, or am i just a newbie that needs to work on his sleeper? i don’t need an incredibly long sleeper i was just wondering how i am stacking up with others. i have a konkave in my dm and the stock bearing in my legacy.

I have been throwing for about 2 months i can throw around 1.5 minutes? but some people (samad) have really good throws while you and I may not.

Yes–Practice your throw. Also, were you using the string twisting trick?

Well the thing is unless you’re trying to beat the worlds longest sleeper 40 seconds is just fine. When you do a trick it’s going to greatly decrease the time your yoyo will sleep due to pressure on the bearing and the string rubbing on the sides of the yoyo. I think that I might be able to pull off a 30 second sleeper max if I’m doing a trick.

You’re Rec Rev Pasquale on YYN, right?

i know that 40 seconds is fine for any trick, but the longer it sleeps the more combos you can pull off. i just noticed that i can take my legacy with stock bearing and spin the bearing with my finger and it will spin probably twice as long as the konkave in my dm. i got some 3 in 1 lube the other day and lubed the kk. the yoyo seems fine but is there anything wrong with using that lube? and also, shouldn’t lube positively affect the spin time and not negatively? if i need to get som yyj thin lube i will, but i read a post the other day that said 3 in 1 was a good thin lube. i just don’t want to hurt the bearing.

you wont hurt the bearing with lube but you will prolong its life. Running it dry is the only way to really kill it.

What’s the string twisting trick!?

When the yoyo is tilting, and you twist the string near the bottom to correct its tilt.

you can also use you thumb nail to correct tilt.