Help me out please


I’m a fairly new player and just wondering if maybe you guys could help me figure out why my yo-yo doesn’t sleep as long as it should. I’m using a Dark Magic II and switched to the Speed bearing that came with the yo-yo. When I throw it it comes out straight and then after 10 seconds or so it starts tilting. Overall it usually sleeps for about 35-45 seconds (while tilting). From what I’ve read about this yo-yo it should be able to spin for a couple minutes while staying straight.

I feel like my throw is strong. I tried with another brand new bearing that I had and same thing happens. Also tried with two different types of strings (100% polyester and the 50/50 one).

Do I need to pick up some thin lube? Is it my throw?

I apologize if I posted in the wrong place.


When you throw your DM2 is it perfectly perpendicular to the floor?If not then that is probably the problem, the DM2 is a highwall so when the string hits the ‘walls’ of the yoyo it drastically reduces spin time. That is probably the problem, if not then I don’t know what to tell you.


Have you lubed the bearing? You may have added too much or the wrong stuff. You may need to therefore clean out the bearing and start over.

The rest should be your throw. I think your throw isn’t strong and straight. When I was starting out, I was starting off at 20 seconds, then it kind of stalled there for a bit, then increased pretty good over a short period of time. I can get over 3 minutes of spin out of a DM2 with a stock bearing.

The best thing that increases spin time is getting that throw better. Just work on it, it will come in time.


I haven’t lubed the bearing at all. Guess I’ll keep working on my throw.


You are looking at the wrong end of the string for the problem.
Work on things from your end the yoyo sounds like it is working fine.
Work on your throw, it likly isn’t very strong, and keep the string in line with the gap of the yoyo. do not let it hit the side walls.
When you get the yoyo into trapeze move your throw hand away from you and toward you and see how it effects the yoyo and its spin time. This will tell you all you need to know.

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It’s usually your throw, but just think, you will be able to help someone with the same issue in the future!

Also, a nice bind gets more zip out of your next throw.


Sounds like it could be your throw, or the side is running, or the bearing seat is messed up.

Get some of the following.

2-5 que-tips
Some Rubbing alcohol
A few toothpicks
And last but not least, a few tissues/paper towels…

First take the yoyo apart, take the bearing out, and look for anything unusual like dirt or gooey stuff, or even a small spike or something.

If there is something dip your QT in the alcohol and clean out the bearing seat by rubbing it where the bearing sits.

Don’t touch the Response Pads, if you do get some one rub it off with a tissue/paper towel.

Then use the dry end of the QT and dry it out.

Do this o both sides just to be sure they are clean.

If its not that, you bearing has been lubed to much, your throw is crooked, or it’s not as strong as you think it is.

Practice, do pull ups and push ups. Practice more.


I feel like my throw is strong and straight (definitely strong), as the yo-yo is initially spinning smoothly how I want. It’s just after a while (10-15 seconds or so) the yo-yo starts tilting or turning which eventually causes it to “die.”

Thanks for the suggestions.


This “tilting” is common and normal. The bearing is a cylinder connecting two more or less even yoyo halves. For it to NOT tilt, the string would have to be absolutely in the center of the bearing! Good luck with that!

Since there’s no way that your throw can “correct” whether the string loop is in the center or not, I would not bother timing your sleepers. Just start learning tricks. :wink: The whole “sleep time” question is out of the equation once you start doing tricks… bad string hits are going to knock it far more off axis in both directions, and over time you will get better at both preventing this and correcting this when it happens.

TL;DR: don’t obsess over a perfect sleeper since it’s not a measure of your throw, your bearing, or your yoyo. Just learn tricks.


That makes a lot of sense, actually. Only reason I was obsessed over it is because I’ve read it could sleep for minutes but I can only get it to one if I’m lucky.


“can” vs “will”

A lot of new players are looking for the “holy grail” by being directed to a long spinning yoyo. The answer truly is in your arm, wrist, hand and throw. A bad throw means shortened spin times, no matter how well people boast of spin times with their yoyo.

Properly thrown, I can get over 3 minutes off my DM2, which is far more time than I will ever need. I have gotten over 5 minutes of sleep with it as well, but I find my time is not best utilized with a stopwatch. I can get similar times out of a Classic as well as a Puffin or something else that costs a lot of money(or not). I’m not saying I’m “just that good”, because honestly, I’m not that good, but I’ve had enough practice now to know how to throw a yoyo properly, so that’s a good strong start.

You’ll get there. Keep at it. The DM2 can take you as far as you want to go. It’s a great yoyo at a great price. I have 5 of them. I really enjoy this yoyo a lot.