Dark Magic II

I have been throwing a DMII for about 10 days now… I have been noticing it leaning to the right at about 1:03 seconds into a sleep. It will generally spin itself out shortly after if i don’t bind it back up. I have replaced the bearing it came with, hoping this would help, with a KonKave bearing, $14.95 on this site. This has not helped. I have removed one of the plastic coverings on the side to see if this would counter-weight it for it stop… this also has not helped. I have tried to tighten my axel, and loosen it, nothing has seemed to help thus far. I use 1 small drop of yoyojam “less responsive” lube after i dried out the factory lube on the bearing. I am running out of ideas… is it my sleeper? I can do many advance tricks, but often find myself binding early due to the yoyo turning to the right (and it is always to the right, never to the left [from my perspective]). Any ideas? Thanks

  • tyler

quite simply its your throw. the lube affects how responsive it unresponsive depending on the type I.e. thick, thin. and the konkave bearing from what I hear helps with centering the string not the yoyo and the caps are for asthetic purposes and to add some weight. all you need to do is straighten out your throw.


Based on what you’ve written, the problem is guaranteed to be your throw. Work to get your Sleeper straight and snappy. Examine your technique carefully to see if there are any common mistakes you might be making.

Is your arm/hand perfectly straight?
Are you snapping your wrist?
Are you turning your hand at any point before the yo-yo is completely released?


And the quick fix is to slightly twist your wrist the opposite direction of the tilt. Throw again, adjust accordingly.


It leans itself after 1:03?

So for the first minute it is perfectly straight?

If so then I would say you have a straight throw because it is straight at the beginning.
My sleepers usually lean when they are about to die anyway. So, maybe you need to work on getting it to sleep longer?

Of course, I would not listen to me because that is about twice the sleep time I get, and I am probably one of the newest yo-ers on the boards.

I think you’re making this a bigger deal than it is. The fact that the throw is perfectly straight for the first minute is great. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don’t know of a trick that takes an entire minute to complete anyway.

With that said, alot of the tilt not only comes from the throw, but from the way you play. Get into a trapeze and allow the string from your throwhand to touch one of the sides of your yoyo and you’ll notice that your yoyo will tilt. Which side you touch will determine which way it tilts. Often the way you play (assuming you’re not perfect) will cause one side of the yoyo to be touched by string more than the other.

If I see my yoyo tilting during a trick I can adjust and tilt my yoyo back on it’s proper axis by purposely making the strings touch the appropriate side. Taking this technique to the extreme means that I can do a simple trick like Buddha’s Revenge literally until the yoyo stops.

Honestly though, all it takes is just more practice. A one-minute throw isn’t bad at all – and it’ll only get better.

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