yomega mavrick spin timeeee and update

cleaned the bearing… i think my grandparents are getting me an x convict



Way to go…failing at a long sleeper and at posting a video. No offense.

wowww i wasnt going for a long sleeper. and who are you to tell me when i fail huh just because your better than me doesnt mean you can just hate,

When you’re posting a video from youtube or vimeo, all you have to do is put the link in. Forums are super-advanced coding machines now, and it will embed the video for you! How awesome?

He means no offense, but seriously to only get 40 seconds wit a metal isn’t that special. I’ve seen someone hit 5 minutes with a plastic, unmodded mosquito. The last time I timed myself, I was at 2.5 minutes.
Next time you post yourself with sleep times, you should definitely try for a long sleeper or not try at all. It could mislead people who might want to get the yoyo.

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Ya, 40secs is not that great for a clean bearing. I have a Dash that is stock and can get at least 1.5mins on it w/o the bearing cleaned. I know that’s not great either but I know my throw is a little weak sometimes. It might be what you cleaned the bearing w/, what did you use? Also, are you playing it dry or did you re-lube it?

and, I almost know for a fact that i could get over a minute on that yoyo. you were swaying the yoyo in all directions. If your going to do a spin time video, you should do it right.

Wow guy’s.

Dude, don’t take offense. These guy’s don’t usually act like that.

All I think you need to do is work on your throw. Besides there is a technique to getting a yoyo to sleep its longest. Just holding it off the ground isn’t it. There is a way to control the tilt of the yoyo causing maximum sleep times. I’ll never do it again.


btw my throw isnt perfect and i ddidnt throw it as hard as i can

They was trollin’

I’m not trollin’

And to the older members of the forum in this thread - Why were you guys being such jerks?

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Not all of us should be included in the “jerk” list, I was just making a statement about the bearing and that it should spin longer. Might have been how he cleaned it, ect.

like i said it was not my hardest throw.

Hey guys:

taps all of you on the shoulder

What just happened?

I saw a post with a guy showing his spin time on a Yomega Maverick, then a Tuesday Afternoon RAW broke out - and you guys came in with the chair.

There was no claim made at super-awesome spin time. He made no statement about being better than you. Why all the hostility?


im new to the forum so im sorry i decided to post a spin time. i was really bored. nextime i wont thanks for ruining the thread

not jm everyone else

Zman don’t be so hard on yourself.
JUst because other people didn’t like it, doesn’t mean its bad.
And really guys?
Not to be mean but some of you are being jerks here.
NOT SAYING i’ve never been a jerk before
But you’re all gaining up on him, i agree with jm

And that was mean.

And Me? I was on your side too little fella.

Lol. You were.
Sorry bout’ that.

you to icthus. i just think they should keep their words to themselfs unless they have something nice to say or constructive critsism

Yeah, right.
I was gonna say:
“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”

Quote from my preschool teacher lolz
But thats REALLY babyish