Legacy problem!!!

When i first got my YYJ Legacy it slept for about 30 seconds (it sucks), now it only spins for about 8 seconds, what should i do to make it spin for like 1:30 seconds?

Throw harder. Change the bearing. Change the string.

Clean your bearing. There are lots of things you can try.

I haven’t done anything with the 2 bearings that came with it, I just switched it from time to time (Speed to the narrow bearing), then all of a sudden the yoyo started to make weird noises and the sleep time became 8 seconds. What should i do?

You’ve been told what to do. Chances are, you need to clean the bearing. Try it.

We’re gonna have to really spell this one out.

1: It’s the bearing. Clean it out.

A: use paint thinner. We call this “mineral spirits” here. Fresh stuff, not something previously used. Acetone is great, or I find it to be better, but don’t use nail polish remover stuff, which contains stuff good for skin and nails but BAD for bearings. Lighter fluid(for fires) is also commonly used. I don’t use lighter fluid, but others do with great results.

B: Remove the shields. This will require a pin to pop the clip out. There’s videos on how to do this. It can be tricky at first, but you’ll get it no problem. Save the clips and the shields in case you want to replace them. I recommend replacing them. Some people recommend leaving them out.

B: Place the solvent of your choice in a small glass container(preferably a glass jar with a lid) and place the bearing inside. Soak, shake to agitate(that’s why you need the lid). At least 15 minutes of soak.

C: Remove the bearing(s) from the solvent. Dry on a paper towel or newspaper(non-glossy). BLOW OUT after 15 minutes. Spin, blow, spin, blow. You can use a bike pump or compressed air as well.

D: Lube very sparingly. Dip a needle(same one you used to remove the shields) in the lube, touch that to 2 balls in the bearing. Spin for 10 seconds(at least), see how that does it for you.

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Are those step by step procedures? or is it the different ways to solve it?


Let’s back it down a little bit.

I remember when I was only getting 20 seconds of sleep time. Without any changes other than my throw getting better, I observed my spin times increasing. The same DM2 I was barely getting an sleep time from is now giving me over 3 minutes of spin time. No other changes. No bearing change, but yes it was more worn and broken it, but it was also a Terrapin X bearing. No change in bearing cleaning status. No change in the response pads.

A change in yoyos can often cause my spin times to plummet. Case and point was the XCon Pro, which took some getting used to and now I have no issues with it. Another one was the Token, but I can only get about 2 minutes out of it. I am sure I could boost those numbers if I play with it more.

While I will concur that it sounds like the throw of the yoyo is to blame, I feel we should “soften” the blow here. I’m not in favor of saying someone sucks. I will accept anyone telling me I suck, but that’s me accepting my lack of ability.

Let’s keep it a bit nicer if we can. I’m no admin but I know they would prefer it if we fostered a more friendly environment.

Well, I’m a nice guy. Consider the context: I wouldn’t have made such a reply if not for what he put in the parenthesis.

I see. I somewhat agree. If I were to give into knee-jerk responses, I’d lay into it as well. We have to take “the higher path”. It’s not easy sometimes.

At the same time, I’ve noticed the latest influx of new people are especially impatient for the most part. They don’t want to learn to maintain their yoyos, they expect them to give them 9 minutes of spin on a drop and take them to Master/Expert in 2 weeks. We have to handle those asking questions with care. Not that long ago, I was new. At the same time, I was researching this forum like a maniac to get answers for questions so I wouldn’t have to ask them, but if I had to, I did.

I especially enjoy the “I need this done, and Oh, and by the way, I’m going to NOT do anything you guys suggest.”

don’t you love that?

Yup! I agree