Velocity Sleep Time

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How long can everyone else get there velocitys to sleep for? I just timed mine, and I got 25 seconds… A few days ago i got 40 seconds. That is pathetic. Either my throw is getting worse, or i need to lube my bearing.


See above… :wink:


Do note that lubing a bearing will reduce it’s spin time…


Not if you do it right.


Any amount of lube will slow down a bearing. A small drop on a pin point will as well. Not by much, but it will.

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Absolutely work on your throw! Also check your string. Replace the string, sometimes strings get fuzzy or pick up gunk from your hands. Sleep? Sleep time may be an indicator of how hard you throw but you could be pulling off some sweet moves in 20 - 40 seconds. I’d recomend less sleep and more play ;D. That’s me though, I just hate watching a sleeping yoyo it makes me … sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzz.


My point is not enough for you or anyone else to notice. My point is valid.


I just threw mine, had it sleep for one minute, and then bound the yo-yo. I’m too impatient to wait until the spin expires. I don’t have a trick that lasts an entire minute without regenerating the spin, so this feat isn’t really useful.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but make the response grip the string tighter. If the response grips the string tighter when the yo-yo is thrown, it can transfer more energy from the throw into spin. Personally, mine are about half-way in (but I am using a first-edition one, and the shuttles go much deeper than they do on the new ones).

Throw harder and straighter, too. Make sure the bind before the timed throw is super-tight. And then realize that learning how to increase the spin time will not help you get through a trick more easily. Practice the trick to get through the trick more easily.



I’m not taking sides. I agree with what Icthus said completely. If you’re watching numbers, then you’re not really throwing.

The OP needs to work on their throw. Heck, with my DM2, I started out barely pushing 20 seconds, then 30, then 45, then a minute, then 2 minutes. After 3 minutes, I don’t care anymore. I got enough spin to do almost anything, I just don’t have the skill behind it to do anything with it! I’m still new enough to yoyo to remember this sort of stuff. My kids can sleep it longer than that, but I can’t get them to let it hang, they want to recall it!

Some days I have periods where I can’t throw straight to save my life. Just how it goes. Practice, practice, practice!

I see a jump form 25 seconds to 40 seconds as being a result of a better throw.


My original statement was that any lube, thin or thick will slow down a bearing, noticeable or not, it still does. Even if you do it the ‘right way’ which is to drop some thin lube on a needle, then touch a few of the balls on the bearing, it slows down the bearing… of course you will never notice the reduced spin time (Which is where I agree with Icthus) , but it does reduce it.

I agree with this completely.
A throw will help out the OP a lot more than adding or not adding lube. I was just stating facts about adding lube.

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It wasnt my throw. Its my stupid bearing. It barely spins when i take the yoyo apart and spin it with my finger. Is there a way to make this better? If there isnt what replacment bearing should i get?


clean the bearing


Glad to see that video is still being used. Haha

It’s in the video, but I’ll remind you again. Only add that pin sized drop of lube. If you add a few drops, it’ll make your bearing responsive until you ‘break it in’. Also remember to use thin lube.

Good luck !

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what can you use instead of miniral spirits?


Zippo lighter fluid (brand name not required) is a good alternative solvent, and I’ve had some pretty good results with Acetone as well. Although some people say that Acetone will leave a residue on the bearing which could affect its long term health. Pretty much mineral spirits and lighter fluid are your two best bets.


Mineral spirits are a more pure version of paint thinner… well actually it’s the opposite, paint thinner is mineral spirits with some additives. I used to use paint thinner until it ran out… and decided just to get mineral spirits.
Paint thinner works perfectly, no residue left behind… that is, if you have paint thinner in your house. It’s kinda a household item, so just ask your parents.


Do note that lighter fluid could eat away at plastics. I remember that reasoning years ago, don’t know if it was just a myth, but just a warning. If you do use it, clean it and make sure it’s completely dry before you put the bearing back in your yoyo.


My bro has a velocity and I can get it between 1.5 and2.5 minutes


That actually applies to any of the solvents listed as each of them can be harmful to polycarbonate plastic. I actually left my FH2 in acetone for a bit too long when dying it because the dye wasn’t taking. The plastic started to get soft and looked like I had smacked it on the cement or something in some spots where the acetone started eating away at it. Good looking out :wink:


Over 3 min with an old FAST 201, stock bearing with dry lube.