How long does your yoyo sleep?

Mine used to sleep for like 20 seconds but it got cut down to 4 somehow. What’s your sleeping time?

My yoyos all pretty much sleep when I do. :rofl:

Four seconds? Have you cleaned your bearing? Most any yoyo should sleep for more than four seconds, even a fixed axle.


My yoyo response pads fell out and my parents superglued it back on so… My responsive bearing doesn’t even work anymore in the yoyo, so Im using the unresponsive bearing (the vip thingiess) and it works responsive. I just lubed it, but I dunno which lube to use, so since it worked responsive I used thick lube which I think is what screwed it up. At least thin lube will wear down the thick lube.
I screwed up didn’t I…

Sounds like you put to much lube in. Lube will actually make your yoyo more responsive. Roll a few marbles in the bottom of jar. They will zip around and around very quickly. Pour a bit of any oil in the bottom of the jar with the marbles and roll them around. They will go much more slowly. This translates to a bearing, less lube is faster spinning, to much lube and the bearing is slow and responsive.


It’s not screwed up. Just clean the bearing and run it dry without lube (or a very small amount of thin lube).


thanks bro
I didn’t know that lol.
So I screwed up. My bad.
I want it to be responsive, but since I am using an unresponsive bearing to do that since no other bearing works, do I use thin or thick lube?

If you want it to be responsive you can use both. If you want it to be more responsive and “snappier” use the thick lube. If you want the semi-responsiveness that allows some modern play, use thin lube. All this being said, more is less.

I would recommend cleaning your bearings with mineral spirits, isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher), or lighter fluid. Remember, all of these solvents are very toxic and can cause severe injury if inhaled or left on skin for a long time. If you do not know how to use them, just ask your parents. When you are done soaking the bearings, put them on a pencil and spin the bearing. I like to use canned air or compressed air to truly dry them, but if you do not have access to those, just spin the bearing for ~15 min then leave the bearing on toilet paper for a few hours. Remember, you want this bearing to be dry before adding lube or the two will counteract each other.

Once the bearing is dry, put the tiniest of drops of lube on it. Put the bearing back in, and see if the response is how you like it: you can always add more.

These steps should help you get the most spin time out of your yoyo.

As a side note, many beginners believe that the purpose of lube is to make the yoyo spin for a longer duration. This is not the case as lube slows down the bearing a little and adds response. What lube is designed for (exception of response) is to make the bearing last for the longest time possible, and be super smooth.

I hope all this helps!


Is nobody gonna mention that the reason he’s having problems in the first place is prob cuz his parents superglued the response pads back on?


Which is probably making them stick out a great deal causing responsiveness.

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That’s a curious situation, what should he do?
Try to remove those pads, clean the “pads seat” with mineral spirits to remove the residual glue, clean the yoyo, place new pads, clean the bearings (lube it), assemble the yoyo and have fun?? I would do that, would be a good way to face the situation??


@Ne0phy73 That would be the best course of action, but removing the pads would only be necessary if they protrude too much. I have definitely superglued pads back into place in a pinch, and while it is not the best action, it does work.

@DrAGoni_Penguin, could you send an image, that might help?


All of the above…
Sounds like a bit of a train wreck at this point.

So much great info here: Useful modification & maintenance guides -- clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

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I can’t sorry, I’m actually cleaning it so right now, and I just looked at this in my email ;).
The yoyo works fine with the superglued pads, but it’s just that the bearing probably got too much lube. I’m trying all of you guys’ suggestions by the way.
Just saying if anyone else sees this, I was actually wondering about you guys’ sleep times. I’m just curious, because some guys like Evan Nagao did a tutorial and he was doing a sleeper for like 2 minutes. Ill send an image later when I’m done cleaning it :).

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A good sleeper throw example:

Love that video… Hahaha

The point of this thread was to share out sleep times, but…
I took a picture or three of the superglued pad, but the camera quality is terrible. ;-;

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From what I can tell, those pads are fine. They are yyf blue pads which means they are pretty grippy until broken in.

As for spin times, it varies on if I am doing tricks or letting it spin at the bottom of the string. If I am doing a combo (which is the spin time we should care about), I can get anywhere from 20-30 seconds on a responsive to +3 minutes on a bi-metal. It depends on how long you have been throwing and how many muscles you have (in that order). I have been throwing for years and workout every single morning so my spin time might be longer than others (that and I like to throw hard and use a long string)

I hope this answers your questions and as a side note, did the tips and tricks provided help make your yoyo better?

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