YoYoFactory Damage is too responsive

my new Damage YoYo binds too often while doing particular tricks. Also when I pull the yoyo up while sleeping, it binds pretty fast, like a responsive looping yoyo. Sometimes it hits my head because of that.
I already tried to replace the response pads and I tried 3 different bearings (all of them concave / grooved) and put some Gorillus Lubricus oil into it (I’ve also got thin lube from Duncan) - but it won’t get better.
I also think the sleeper time is too short, it’s only about 40 seconds doing tricks and when I then try to bind it to hand, the yoyo is already pretty slow. Just wondering because I heard about 3+ minutes sleepers.
Best thing I found in these forums was to use sandpaper to make the bearing sit looser and spin longer, but I wouldn’t like to damage the “Damage” :slight_smile:
I use Kitty Strings by the way.

Any ideas ?


Welcome to the forums. How much lube did you put in the bearing? Anything more than a tiny drop can make a bearing more responsive.


Yeah, it sounds like you added too much lube. Easiest solution is to just hit it with a can of compressed air to get rid of the excess. Or clean/soak it in whatever solvent you have on hand.

When applying lube, try using a small sewing needle to apply a small drop because any large drop falls right off letting you know it was too much.


It’s definitely the lube. Best not to mess with lube for the most part . It’s so hard to get right


It’s easy to get right if people are shown just how little you actually need. But most people accidentally add way too much simply because the bottles the lube come in are an awful design choice.

Every manufacturer should be using this design from One Drop with the needle stem .



Try to use thin strings. Whenever my yo-yos snag, I use thinner strings, and it usually works out well. Also, welcome to the forums.

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Welcome! I used to make the mistake of lubing bearings in new yoyos. Big mistake. That’s probably the problem. Unless my bearings make a horrendous noise I never lube them. Lube will not make a bearing spin longer. Just the opposite.


Hi i am from germany, different time zone :smirk:
I will try to clean the bearings. Is zippo lighter fluid ok? Only thing i have.
The gorillus lubricus applicator is better than the one from duncan. Its easier to add only a small amount with that.
Does it make sense to use both lubes, gorillus and duncan, or will this only lead to too much lube in the bearing? Because gorillus is a conditioner and duncan thin lube is to improve spin times it says.

My kitty strings are thin enough i think. And i havent got these snaggy problems with my old yoyojam hitman yo yo by the way.


Many people use and even prefer lighter fluid. Any solvent that doesn’t leave a residue will work just fine. Acetone and methanol are both good choices as well.

I wouldn’t use both. Clean your bearing, try one lube, clean it again, then try the other lube and compare to see which you prefer.

I believe that’s some creative marketing on Duncan’s part. I can only assume they were implying the lube can act as a friction barrier between the ball bearings and the outer race, but lube will slow down your bearings; it’s simply physics. Lube is denser than air, so your ball bearings will have a more difficult time moving through it. Lube is generally just used for bearing longevity and sound dampening.


I would also try it without lube to put your mind at ease that the problem isn’t with the bearing itself. If it slows down significantly after you add lube you’ll know you added too much.

Gorillius Lubricus claims to provide better protection against rust, corrosion, etc. I’m skeptical that it’s any better in that regard than any other lube. At least, I don’t think most of us are throwing in situations/conditions where it matters all that much. YMMV.



It worked.
Cleaned the CTX 10 ball bearing and now the yoyo spins longer and doesn’t come back when pulling the string in sleeper.
I’ll try it with the other bearings too.

But i think 1+ minutes doing string tricks is maximum before yoyo slows down.

Thanks for the help!


If you want to extend sleep time, try switching to an 8-ball bearing. More rollers in a bearing equals more bearing contact area, which is great for load-bearing applications like truck wheels but not so great for high-speed, low-load stuff like yoyos.

On paper, an 8-ball bearing should give you 20% less drag than a 10-ball, all else being equal.


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That is a plenty long time.

Welcome to the community

What I always do to see if a bearing is a little response is do a finger spin and see if it binds on it’s own. Although that will be hard to do on a damage