Yoyo Sleep timez

Hey guys! I got a problem with my yoyo (Auldey, But its pretty good for cheap yoyos, their yoyos are wide-flared yoyos) I threw it down for the first time and it slept for 1 min and 53 secs then after like 3 months or 4, I lubed my bearing with some baby oil and it slept 1 mins and 10 secs, I cleaned the bearing, after a month or 2 it slept only for 36 seconds, I was kinda mad how it slept shortly after 7 months, I cleaned the bearing with anti septic alcohol, it slept the same secs but more noise, and I finally removed the bearing and changed the bearing with a longer sleeping one, then i cleaned the new bearing, and it slept for 50 seconds, I was still kinda mad, and it know leaves it to here, does anyone know where to buy wide C bearings in dubai that is near Al Rashidiya, I want to make my yoyo unresponsive. Help would be happily appreciated ;D :smiley:

A lot of the short time is your throw.
However sounds like you are messing with your bearing too much and with the wrong stuff.
Alcohol is fine too use. Its what I use actually. However it needs to be dried out before you put any lube in.
I used canned air too blow the bearing out. Your not trying to force the liquid out just dry it off. spray the air from a foot or more away.
When you are done use something like trumpet valve oil or gun oil, or maybe even sewing machine oil. It should be very thin. Remember you can always add more but if you put too much it is hard to get out. You may have too start over.
If you are going to run lube in your bearing you have too accept that for a little while after lubing it is going too act a bit more responsive. If you are smooth you won’t even notice it. If you play with lots of jerks and pause’s it may show its head more. Just play through it and enjoy the nice bearing you get on the other end. I clean bearing’s almost never. Sometimes I spend years without cleaning a bearing. Make sure you don’t have another issue. Like a bent axle causing bearing rub, or a pad that is loose, contacting the string.

I throw about an average pressure, I dont have any oils like that for lube, also I leave my bearings dry after cleaning them and I actually wait 20 mins, any other more suggestions for thin lube and I cheacked my yoyo its perfectly fine.

I don’t know what they sell in your area, but I would almost bet you can get some very thin oil. It should be thin like water.
Trumpet valve oil is basicly the same stuff through out the world, so maybe go too a music shop and buy a bottle.
I don’t know if they sell gun cleaning equipment in your area but if they do a bottle of gun lube is very cheap.
Any hardware store is going to have a lube section. They will almost certainly have very thin lube.

Schnayke has good advice for bearing care. If you have a hobby shop in the area that sells radio controlled cars or helicopters, you may be able to buy a bearing there. In the US hobby stores generally have quite a wide selection of bearings. don’t know the situation where you are.

Well Ill try to find dem bearings, I guess lube is pretty hard to find though.

Get some mineral spirits and copier paper and use the paper slip method of cleaning and run it dry until you find some thinner lube

You’re suggesting using some pretty thick stuff, man. Do what these guys say and hit up a good music store for some trumpet valve oil if you can’t find anything else. Just use a drop on the end of a needle tip for lubrication also, you don’t need a ton of oil. I used to think I had to soak that thing up, but you only need enough to keep the balls from wearing excessively, you’re not running an engine or sealing an air passage.

Clean the bearing, and make sure the bearing keep spinning for a few seconds when you flick it with your finger, if it stopped right away that means there is thick lube in there, or it’s not clean enough. Do not use any lube, lube will slow the bearing down quicker. If you must use lube, then use very very very little as possible.
String tension can affect how your yoyo behave on long sleeper. If the string is too tight or too loose, the yoyo will start tilting sooner because of the force of the string tension. It’s too complex to explain here though, it has something to do with gyroscopic precession.
All in all, two things that you need to make sure, how clean the bearing, and the string tension.