yyf Velocity

So… I got the Velocity and have a concern…

I can’t get it to sleep for very long, even with the dials set as far to the left as possible. I’ve been trying to look up a solution to this problem, and I’ve come to the conclusion that either I have a terrible throw (Im barely starting out), or maybe I need to get some thin lube.

What say you all?

Work on your throw for now and if you don’t put any lube in the bearing, it will break itself in and should spin longer and practice your throws!!!

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I’ve heard that it’s just a bad yoyo with just terrible sleep times and light weight

But if you spend more money it might be better.

I have one and it plays pretty well and has decent sleep times. It’s just personal preference, you either like it or don’t.

My advice would be to keep at it. I’ve used both the Velocity v.2 and v.3. They’re pretty light and made out of plastic, so they don’t have the spin time of a typical metal, but they spin long enough on a good throw to get through any trick.

You don’t need any lube or special string or anything. The only thing you need is more practice. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Thanks, guys :3

Here’s what you can do with a velocity.

That was epic.

Sounds like you just need to work on your throw. If it really isn’t getting sleep times, I’ll clean the bearing for you. YoYoFactory SPEC bearing are insane when played after a good cleaning.

Judging by my practice last night, it’s definitely my throw. It might not need cleaning, twas unboxed but a few days ago!

Just thought I’d let you all know, there was a metal shaving inbetween that **** spacer system and the bearing. It wasn’t even spinning. Works great now.

Please remember that the spacer system used by YYF is a common problem in stuck bearing complaints. Removing the spacers and putting them back does the trick every time. :wink:

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not fair he is jensen :stuck_out_tongue:

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