How can I improve my sleeper time?

When I try to a Brain Twister I get about two rotation/loops in my yo-yo stops spinnng or I get 3 loops in and go to release, and It stops spinning. I have a Yo-Yo Factory F.A.S.T 201 yo-yo.  

Is it me or do I need to get lube for my yo-yo?

Try throwing a bit harder. If that doesnt help, then yes, try lubing the bearing, or if you have a little extra cash, buy a yoyojam speedmaker, kickside, or lyn fury. They are also good ball bearing yoyo’s that have really good spintimes.

Just keep throwing! That’s it! I know it’s a bit frustrating, but it’s gonna help you a lot.

I’m working on the brain twister too, and I have the same problems.

I found throwing harder to get a better sleeper is one element. The other is improving my throw in general with less tilt. I can only get 1 loop at best, and when I go to dismount, the yoyo stopped before I was ready. I got 2 loops once, but again, same issue.

Keep practicing.

here is some important information:

Lube: in yoyo’s thick lube will slow down the ball bearing, making it more responsive and give shorter sleep times. thin lube breaks down thick lube and protects the bearing. a dry bearing will spin the longest, but will be more prone to breaking and locking up. basically

dry bearing>thin lubed>thick lubed
when it comes to sleep time.

the second thing is the fast 201. it has a starburst response which kills spin faster than most rubber or silicone responses. you may want to consider a different yoyo. for beginners, i would recommend velocity.

and also, just throw harder. if that just doesn’t work, then throw straighter. practice doing both.

I agree if you throw harder and have some extra cash buy a darkmagic 2 or velocity it all depends weather your a beginner intermediate or expert key work is PRACTICE!!! :-\

  1. clean your bearing
  2. hard throw + tech = long sleeping
    believe me, even a velocity with stock bearing can sleep for 6 minutes

Learn tricks on a duncan imperial then switch to the fast 201 and youll feel like butter. Nothing better than getting down to the basics. also try just throwing a sleeper on an imperial and try to get at least thirty seconds. its possible.

Clean your bearing and use thin lube will improve little.
Try to throw as hard as possible you can.
Try to throw straight and don’t let the string tuch the yoyo when it spinning.
Hope you can improe your yoyo sleep time soon! ;D ;D ;D

The key to the whole thing is to develop a straight throw. The yoyo is slowing down because you are not throwing straight and clean. The sides of the yoyo are rubbing on the string causing it to slow down.

Practice by throwing the yoyo down and watch which way it tilts. On the next throw twist your wrist slightly in the opposite direction. watch again. Adjust as needed.

the throw is most likely the key here
but knowing the FAST (I have one) the starburst system doesn’t really help you either.

I’d get a “one” if you still want to stay on beginner oriented plastics, or upgrade to something more serious like a dark magic for example, or a protostar/northstar

Practice your throws and snap your wrist. Soon you’ll get it with practice and experience.

yeah clean your bearings but a tiny drop of thin lube and throw for like 10 times and try it again

snaping your wrist is also better sleep times(thats why i am good at curveballs)