How do you make a yoyo spin longer?

Okay, I have a Dark Magic yoyo right now, and it only spin for only about 30 seconds. How do I make it spin longer? Thanks!!! ;D

Watch this video from Andre

then it just takes practice, yes, even the throw takes practice, but it’s worth it.

Are you sure? I mean, I throw it as hard as I can and it STILL spins for only about 30 seconds.

Practice Practice Practice and make sure the string does not touch the sides.

Even if you throw hard, you may be stopping slowly (stopping without an abrupt hard stop).

Did you put some lube in it? It help a little and extends the yoyo life
Also try to make sure the string is not too tight

I have a DM too. How does Andre keep the yoyo spinning even when he talks in his videos?? Like when he is in the middle of his tricks?

The DM is a great yoyo. Mine spins for probably close to two minutes… You need a good throw, maybe try cleaning the bearing? take the bearing out, and check the seat and axle, I once swung my yoyo into my hair… Man that sucked. But it sucked in a piece of hair and wrapped it tight around the axle. Just that little hair slowed down the yoyo. So make sure that area is clean.

Really, all you need to do is practice. Don’t worry about lubing (which actually slows down the spin of a bearing slightly) or cleaning your bearing yet. Just practice. Practice. Practice…


Ok. First of all I have a DM as well. When you throw a sleeper look at it and see if the string is touching the sides. if it is then that KILLS your sleep time. I can do 1:00 - 1:30 easy.

You could try using a konkave to keep the string in the middle. Try soaking it in paint thinner and drying it with compressed air. After a day just flicking my bearing made it spin for 33 seconds. Also remember don’t let your hand follow the yoyo all the way down while throwing, stop abruptly and it should spin longer.

  1. You can throw harder

  2. You can buy a Koncave bearing make sure to have right size

  3. You can take out one of the black o ring things

4.Clean out with paint thinner with taking bearing appart tossing the bearing into a cup of paint thinner then take out one minute later and dry of as soon as possible with air compresser or the next best way to dry it of WARNING MAY CAUSE DAMAGE MIGHT

nah lube makes the BEARING last longer not the yoyo and it also slows it down causing more friction from steel to steel and if you dont you will be rewarded with a long screetching sound and long spin times!

You shouldn’t depend on a KK for that. A good throw should be able to do that.

Its your throw, even if you think your throw is hard. If it is BRAND NEW the bearing might not be broken in, just keep throwing and it wil break in, but it is probably your throw

Actually, I just put a 10-Ball bearing in DRY and it spun for about 3 MINUTES!

This topic has been brought back many times of over a week old.

it seems to me like he stops a lot to restart his sleeper as he’s explaining tricks, so i dont see what you are talking about. but I am not criticizing him. NO WAY.