Longer spin times

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I currently play a DM and a duncan metal zero, i have a kk bearing in both of them. I was just wondering what other type of mods or whatnot i can do to improve my spin times. All information is greatly appreaciated.



Well, play hard and break those bearings in. Other than that, work on your throw. Get a nice straight sleeper and the spin times will start to come naturally.

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I actually have a good throw, and although im not perfect and throw it straight 100% of the time, i do throw em straight the majority of the times. Im looking for easy mods or tricks i can do to the yoyo to make it spin longer.

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Well 2 methods.

  1. Harder throws.
    2: you can clean the bearing in lighter fluid for about 10 seconds, dry it completely, put a drop of yoyojam thin lube, and that is.

Try it!

Good luck!



Then there’s really not a lot more you can do.

You can clean the bearings, as is suggested in this thread, but I don’t think it’s going to help much, if at all. Work on a strong and consistent sleeper. This is what produces sleep times, not mods or tricks of any sort.

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there are other mods, but noting to make em sleep longer,


Fixing the yoyo wont help. You may not want to admit it but it’s most likely you NOT the yoyo. So just practice long straight throws.

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I am probably going to repeat a lot of the things that have been said here, but I will use a really cool/cheesy comparison.

This like is an owner-to-dog situation. The owner always blames the dog. And the most heard agrument towards that is: “It’s never the dog’s fault, it’s the owner.”

This is about the same with yoyos. If you think your yoyo doesen’t sleep long enough, there is actually nothing wrong with the yoyo itself, but it’s the thrower who is doing something wrong. I suggest that you just throw. And eventually, your throws will start to straighten out.

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Also, I don’t think this was mentioned, you can adjust the gap of the yoyo to make it larger. The larger gap makes less friction on the walls of the yoyo, so it spins longer :slight_smile:


This is true, but even if it works for him he’s still not getting any closer to a good throw. If you’re throwing correctly, there should be no need for a gap adjustment to obtain longer sleep times.