Need help with sleep times

I’m just starting to get into the Advanced tricks and I’ve been noticing my yoyo is spinning out real quick. Currently I’m using an X-Con Professional (love it) with the YYJ speed bearing and poly string. So my question is what can I do, besides getting a new yoyo, to get longer spin times out of it. I’m working on the strength of the throw and making sure its straight. Would any type of lube help or perhaps a konkave or center track bearing help? Any suggestions are welcome.

Getting a diffrent bearing is all on prefrence. You might like one better then another. I have tried them all and personally I like the tenball bearings. The biggest thing to do is deshield and clean your bearing and put one drop of thin lube from the head of a pin in the bearing. This should make it fast and unresponsive. Other then that. Practice. I know it sounds stupid but the more you throw the better your spin time will get.

As has been said, work on your throw.

I started out with a DM2. My sleep times were around 20 seconds at first. Now it’s over 2 minutes, maybe longer, but I don’t waste time anymore timing a yoyo spinning on a string.

Lube, believe it or not, slows things down a teeny bit, so if you must use lube, use thin lube. Some people say “clean the bearing and run it dry”. I advocate “clean the bearing and lightly lube it”.

Work on your throws, the rest will follow. No bearing can fix or help a bad throw.

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Forgive me my ignorance but what do you mean by deshield the bearing? I’ve done some reading up on the difference between the 8 and 10 ball bearings and would like to try out a 10. Looking through the bearings on this site, I don’t see that it specifies.

Never mind! I watched the video on bearing maintenance. I got deshielding now :wink:


Do the de-shielding in an area where in case the C-clip pops out, you can find it. My family has a way of annoying the heck out of me when I do any precision work and I’ve lost a C-clip on 2 different sized bearings.

yup, I’ve lost a couple of c-clips too, drove me crazy cause they’re frickin’ impossible to find.

You never need a new yoyo. You could do all the master tricks on say… a fixed axle.

It’s ALL in the throw.

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Could you put up a few vids of you doing some?

99% of the time it’s the throw. You need to concentrate on keeping everything in plane when you do tricks. To envision this imagine you are throwing inside a pane of glass. The string, the center of the yoyo and your hands all need to stay in line and not come out of the pane of glass.

I think more of a virtual grid with laser lines and haze(so I can see the laser lines).

Unfortunately, I still suck, but it helps me envision where my mistakes are. Muscle memory is developign and that’s helping a lot. Also, doing things like cutting down amount of string travel reduces where the yoyo can go. Just stuff that comes from practicing, failing and learning from it. Let’s just say I fail a lot.

I never said I could do it. I just said it was possible. Look at ed for example. He’s going a whole YEAR on a fixed axle.

Everyone should be watching those videos. It’s like “mandatory viewing”.


And yes, it will. I’ve done a hidemassa on one before.