I want longer spin times!

so i just got my x-convict, and i put a konkave bearing in it,
put some lube in it, but all i can get out of it is 45 seconds,
and alot of people said it can go for 3 minutes! how can i get it
to spin for longer?

Throw harder and straighter. If you think your sleep times are too short, you should just practice your throw. There might be some lube in the KK as well, but that will break down if you just keep on playing.

As pheenix said, you can also clean the bearing if you don’t wanna wait to break it in. Other than that just practice your throw.

everyone can improve sleep times. even pros.
just make sure you are snapping your wrist, and throwing a good strong sleeper.
but either way 45 seconds should be enough to do most tricks.
just keep practicing.

Work on your throw. Make sure you are really snapping your wrist and throwing you arm down, then stopping it instantly.

I didn’t know you were on here azn_pride. lol

Well first off, how much lube did you put in there. What kind of lube is it? This is a big factor. I don’t care if you are Arnold S, if there is too much lube in there the sleep times will be very low considering what they should be.

And make sure your keeping the string off the walls of the yoyo, you don’t want Any friction, friction slows the yoyo down… And practice like no tomorrow… I get. 3min out of my hitman with a good throw… And clean thylat bearing…

i put thin lube in it, and how do u clean the bearing?

You use a liquid like lighter fluid or mineral spirits and place a deshielded bearing into a tiny bottle of that then shake for about 10 sec. Here’s a video on it showing you how.

try to keep the string as center in the gap as possible. and flick your wrist.

that bearing will really help you keep the string centered too as long as you throw hard and straight… practice your throw… if possible play with a mighty flea… it will he’ll u perfect your throw… it helped me.