I can't get my yoyos to sleep long enough!

Even if I throw my yoyos really hard, they just die mid-way through a trick. Help!

Perhaps your username was a bit presumptuous.


lol I was thinking the exact same thing.

firstly we need more information, what yoyo are you using? what tricks are you working on (during with you are running out of spin) how long have you been yo-yoing ect.

What kind of yoyo are you using?

And why this is in yoyo reviews…

Anyway, if the yoyo is tilting then you just need to work on your throw

If you’re new to string trick yoyoing, it might be that you’ve lubed your bearings thinking they would make the bearing spin LONGER, when the opposite is actually true. “Still not spinning! More lube!” Any amount of lube will shorten your spin time, and too much lube will keeeeel it.

Seen it happen before many a time.

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It’s in Help/Recommendation which is a section of Yo-Yo Reviews.

I did that when I first started XD

Tell it a long and boring story.

You’re new, aren’t you?

Do you lube? What yoyo? Are you trying to do a 3 minute combo or something? Or maybe you’re just super sloppy when it comes to technique and you’re hitting the sides of the inner rims too hand.


Less(or not) lube and loads of practice. You might want to clean your bearing out too.

Throw it harder

Warm milk and a calm story… No really hard straight throws and landing clean on the string will maintain spin times. Practice makes perfect.

Ambien in small doses helps mine sleep.

Welcome to the forum. More info required for serious replies.

I am using the Anglam CC. I’m trying to learn white Buddha. I haven’t been yoyoing for that long, but my throw is pretty strong.

I won’t question why someone saying they are fairly new is using such a top-dollar product. Not my issue.

I think your throw needs improvement. It’s not so much strength, but also HOW.

Is this the case with ALL your yoyos or just this one? If it’s the case with all your yoyos, it’s you, absolutely. If it’s just this one, then clean out the bearing.

Remember, no amount of money throw into a yoyo and/or bearing(s) will improve a bad throw. Only time, patience, practice and persistence will give you the skillset to have a good throw.

Coupled with that, perhaps you’re not landing portions of your trick clean enough to keep the yoyo spinning. Bad string hits can really slow things down quickly.

Definitely sleeping (as per the thread title) is a different thing from a trick (White Buddha)… as Studio42 says, your technique will affect spin time dramatically.

So, most of the advice in this thread is assuming you’re talking about actual sleep time. Just the yoyo at the end of a string. How is your “not doing a trick, just literally a sleeper” spin time?

in addition to the initial throw being strong and straight you may also need to focus on keep all the string in line. When you’re landing the yoyo on the string you need to keep the yoyo, your hands, and the string it’s landing on all in the same plane*.

Here’s some inspiration for white buddha .

*plane being in invisible 2D concept like you’re making an invisible wall with the yoyo, string, and hands. you should be keeping the plane inline with the rotation of the yoyo. if you go out of the plane from the rotation there’s a chance that the yoyo will precess to the front or back and turn into a death spin and stop.

^^ just to add to that (and badly paraphrase Mark McBride):

Pretend that the yoyo is an ice hockey puck. The puck can slide forwards and backwards on the ice, left and right, but not up and down (because then it would go throug the ice). Now take the ice and prop it up vertically - the puck (yoyo) can now slide up and down, left and right, but not forwards and backwards (from a Breakaway).

That pretty much sums up what a plane is in Yoyoing - it’s about keeping everything aligned, as if the yoyo was losing on a piece of glass.

It goes without saying that you can break the plane. But when we’re talking about standard string tricks, the more you can stay on the plane, the less spin you’ll lose during a trick.

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White budda has a reverse spin slide in it.
When you do that part it will stop the yoyo if you don’t do it right.
You need to let the string slip around your finger and feed out to the yoyo.
If you are getting any string wrapping up in the gap your are not doing it right.
good luck. its a fun trick.