need help doing strong and straight sleeper

Hi everyone,
I’m still new to yoyo and currently in beginner section. I realized that my sleeper is not strong or straight enough so when performing tricks the yoyo often stopped spinning or tilted to one side. Can all of you help me with how to properly throw a straight sleeper and also strong enough? All thoughts or comments will be highly appreciated.

Just practice more…
You will get the feel… And your throw will be better…

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okay thanks rookieyo

Try holding the yoyo in between your middle finger and your thumb, on the edge of both fingers, then make a big muscle, and look at the yoyo the whole time to make sure you are throwing it perfectly straight. If this doesn’t help, i would recommend getting a nice yoyo that sleeps long. Good Luck!!

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hi jetboy,
thanks for your advice. i will try to learn it. by the way my yoyo is velocity, do you think it can not sleep long?

I was taught to pick out a spot on the floor about 3 - 4 feet (a meter or so) directly in front of my right foot (left foot if you are left handed). Aim for that spot. This causes the yoyo to arc down when it is getting to the end of the string and is less likely to pop back up. After someone showed me this, I got the hang of really throwing hard to get a sleeper. Eventually, you don’t even think about it.

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usually, it’s not the yoyo, its the bearing. The velocity is a good yoyo, don’t get me wrong. Do you have some mineral spirits, or paint thinner, or even turpentine?

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to alzabo, thanks for your advice. i will try to practice your method
to jetboy, right now i don’t have any of them. do you think i should clean the bearing?

It would be better, however, if instead of cleaning it (faster way), you could thin lube it and wait for it to break down. That way, you get a longer bearing life.

Before Cleaning/lubing a bearing learner, please investigate into it. Don’t want you to screw up your Bearing.

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Yes, definitely, I was playing with my yomega maverick for the first week and it sleeped for 46 sec., then i cleaned the bearing and 2 days later, it sleeped for 2 mins, 5 sec.  Any intermediate to expert yoyo player should clen their bearing nearly every 2 months! This is just one part of yoyo maintenance. (This is a big part of yoyoing) here are some tips to help you clean the bearing:

WHERE TO BUY: I know that your from Indonesia, so do you have any lowes or home depot, or even wal marts over there?

If No, Go to your local hardware store and ask if they have any type of paint thinner supply. (they might be over 90 Rupiah.)

If Yes, go to one of these stores and get some “Odorless Mineral spirits”. Preferably a quart (since that is all you are going to need to clean millimeter width bearings) ;). (these will be around 54 Rupiah)

HOW TO USE AND APPLY: -Get a medicine bottle or film capsule/bottle and place bearing in bottle. -Pour just enough of the spirits to about 1 centimeter above the bearing. -Put cap on bottle. -Shake bottle for 1 minute. -Use tweezers to remove bearing from spirits and place on paper towel. -Dry the exterior of the bearing. -push bearing onto the tip of a pencil so that the bearing is secure on the pencil. -spin the bearing on the pencil for 1 minute. -place bearing back in yoyo and play!!

NOTE: this process will take approximately 4 days to fully break in!! :slight_smile:

Like King825 was saying, it is also good to lube your bearing. Buy some lube here:

Apply the lube here:

Hope this works!!!

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er… 100 Rupiah = .01 USD, If I’m correct. It’s kinda like Yen. High numbers.

to king 825, thank you for your advice. I am going to buy some thin lube and try it before cleaning the bearing.
to jetboy, the only global hardware store I can find in my city is ace hardware. I’ll try to look for paint thinner in ace hardware and nearest hardware store. By the way what is odorless mineral spirits? Is it some kind of paint thinner? In my country we there are only two types of paint thinner commonly found in hardware store, thinner a and b. I think it has to do with the concentration. About the bearing, should I remove the shield that protects the bearing before cleaning it?

Right now, 1 USD is about 9300 rupiah I think.

Ace hardware should be fine. Odorless Mineral spirits is just an odorless model of mineral spirits. Mineral spirits is very similar to paint thinner except it has a different concentration than paint thinner. Us yoyoers would prefer mineral spirits than paint thinner for cleaning our bearings. I’ve never heard of type a and type b. I don’t really think it should matter. Get the cheapest!! :wink: Do you know how to remove the shields?

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I have asked the nearest hardware store and he only have paint thinner but they are not odorless. The difference between those two types of thinner is one of them is very quick to evaporate. I heard from the local guys that I should use zippo lighter fuel, which one is better do you think? Maybe I will try to go to ace hardware and ask if they have mineral spirits. No, I don’t know how to remove the bearing shields but I guess I can try to learn it.

Yes bro zippo is the way to go :smiley:

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I would highly recommend NOT to use lighter fluid where this rusts the bearing and destroys its life fast. You can still use odored paint thinner, just make sure that you don’t inhale too much of it. To remove the shields check out this video:

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okay jetboy thank you for your advice. I will try to clean my bearing and see how it performs

Only tip is practice

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