When to clean yoyo and how to make it sleep longer?

I am a fairly new to yoyoing and have been trying to learn as much as I can.

I currently have a YYF NorthStar and a YYF Dv888. both are fun and wonderful yoyo’s. My question is about their sleep times or rather yoyo’s sleep times in general. I was wondering would adding thin lube help it sleep longer? I can do a few tricks in succession but the yoyo will slow down and spin out pretty quickly. I have tried to make it sleep longer by throwing with more umph but still slows down at the same amount of time. I am thinking that my level of accuracy with tricks would help the yoyo sleep longer. I can get about 2 times through buddhas revenge.

Also when do I know to clean the yoyo?

Adding lube to the bearing adds resistance because you are putting extra material in the bearing. This can make it responsive depending on how much you add.

You are right. While your throw is the great defining factor to how long a yoyo sleeps, your accuracy mid-trick is incredibly important as well.

When your bearing starts making a lot of noise, doesn’t spin freely, or acts like something is stuck inside it’s time to clean it. You’ll know when it happens.

you wanna know the secret to long sleeptimes and long combos? well i will tell you the secret to long sleep times and long combs… You need to practice your throw all the time once your throw gets better your spin times will in turn increase with your throw improving.

Good luck