how to make a yoyo sleep longer without modding

How do you make the dv888 sleep longer without modding the yoyo. do you use the bearing alot. please respond

You have to use a bearing to make the yoyo spin so yes you use it a lot. And to make it sleep longer get a string and better throw.

Throw it harder and break in the bearing. Nothing else to it really

You also need to make sure the yoyo is not rubbing against the string. ;D

Exactly. And using strings made of either 50/50 Cotton/Polyester or 100% Polyester will sometimes help improve sleep time.

let it stay up late .
then in the morning dont cook any breakfast ,
and it should sleep longer

break it in , then clean it and get the factory crap out of the bearing and relube it with a lil of the good oil and its a mucha betta

Using the stock parts:

  1. Break in the bearing. If you choose not to, go on to 2. If you do, continue to 5.
  2. Deshield and clean the bearing in mineral spirits.
  3. Lube the bearing with thin lube. This isn’t necessary, but prolongs the life of your bearing.
  4. Reshield. This isn’t necessary, but helps to protect the bearings insides if you were to drop it.
  5. Make sure your throw is straight and strong. When the string rubs up against the side of the yo-yo, it puts friction on it, which lowers your sleep times.

Using other parts

  1. Buy a KK. KK’s are concave bearings that will center your string in the middle of the yo-yo.
  2. Break it in, or desheild/clean/lube/resheild
  3. Make sure you have a good strong throw.

Have fun “sleeping”

since the bearing is water resistant.
I rub a little water on my spec bearing
and play with it for a while
it will be responsive for a little bit

Dude, all I can say is break it in. But cleaning and lubing the bearing, and using 50/50 or polyester will help a lot. I cleaned my Lyn Fury bearing today and it slept for nearly six minutes.