How do you mod a yoyo to make it sleep longer (help please)

Does anyone know how to mod a yo-yo that is ball bearing so that it sleeps much longer. I know there is a way I just would like a detailed guide or video. If you put up a video please make sure it has commentary so that I understand what is going on in it.

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Clean the bearing or clean the bearing. Then go work on your throw.

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no i mean mod it. i know how to clean it

What yo-yo is it?

You could add weight rings but really all you need is to clean the bearing and work on your throw.

Have a look at this video:

This works with any Duncan yo-yo(assuming that’s the kind of yo-yo you have). Basically, all you have to do is unscrew the caps off both yo-yo halves and put an even amount of sticky tack or clay or something similar to both halves. I did this to my Speed Beetle by using playing cards as weight. Improved spin time and made it less responsive.

As mrcnja said, it depends on what yo-yo you have. Different mods can be done to different yo-yos.

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thx i think now i just need to find that clay stuff.

well i have the speed beetle, but what im curious about is how you would use playing cards to make the sleep time longer, or well atleast add weight, cause i mean i would have never thought of that, i just dont know how

…you’re necro posting dude. i put a differrent kind of clay and cleaned the sleeps pretty long now.(throw monkey)

The ‘practice mod’ >>>>>>> any other mod.


work on ur throw and ckk bearing

Or you could just work on your throw.


I bet any thrower with a good throw and a stock Mosquito could out-throw you and a…DV888 or your modded whatchamacallit.