how do you mod a yoyo

please help im new to this stuff and i need to mod my throw monkey and fhz to make it spin longer, please help ;D

A lot of mods really won’t make the sleep time improve. There are some that will, but it’s your throw that determines the length of your throw. You could have an amazingly modded yoyo, but if your throw isn’t good, then it won’t sleep long. If there is something inside the bearing (dirt, debris, rust, ect.), it could shorten the time down as well. If you have a cleaned bearing, try working on your throw. If not, try cleaning your bearing. There’s no point in trying to fix a yoyo that isn’t broken.

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FHZ can be greatly modded, but really as Preinfalk said, your skill and maintanece. If you have a good throw, cleaned the bearing, maybe lube it with a pin drop if thin lube, no debris on bearing seat and no worn or torn out silicone, your FHZ is ready to do a lot of things.

But there are things to do to your FHZ.

Add weight rings
Change the bearing